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Do you know about your clitoris?

Sex Matters for Women: A Complete Guide to Taking Care of Your Sexual Self, on page 75, author Sallie Folley describes the Clitoris this way:

The clitoris has only one purpose and function: pleasure and sexual excitement. It is covered and protected by the labia minora. The clitoris is a small, rounded organ composed of erectile tissue. Similar to a man's penis, this spongy erectile tissue can become engorged with blood and increase in size during sexual arousal. The glans, or visible part of the clitoris, has thickly clustered nerve endings, even more than the head of a penis, making it an organ often described as "exquisitely sensitive." The root of the clitoris runs below the surface and is also extremely sensitive. The shaft of the clitoris separates into two parts, wishbone fashion, where the shaft is anchored to the pelvic bone. The clitoris, including the parts that can't be seen, becomes engorged with blood during sexual stimulation and is important in sexual arousal and orgasm. The clitoris is protected by a clitoral hood, or prepuce (Latin: foreskin), which is part of the labia minora. This hood of protective tissue can be manipulated to expose more of the clitoris.


And in the The Hite Report, which I blogged about here we learn that "When fully engaged, the clitoral system as a whole overshadows the clitoral glans and shaft in the ratio of almost thirty to one. The total blood-vessel engorgement of the clitoral system during sexual excitation may actually exceed the more obvious engorgement of the male."

How can you use this information?

Knowing the size of the clitoris can help you to use it to your advantage. It's not merely a little love button.

Did you know that there are two main ways to achieve orgasm and they both utilize the clitoris? A clitoral orgasm is achieved without penetration and a vaginal orgasm is achieved with penetration. In both cases, orgasm is achieved through clitoral stimulation. While both types of orgasm result in a throbbing sensation, women report slightly different sensations. Here are some quotes from The Hite Report to help you understand:
pg 188
“Intercourse orgasms are stronger and better and satisfy my whole body rather than just the genital area, the way direct stimulation does.”

“Clitoral orgasms involve less of the body and seem rather shallow and empty, less satisfying.”

pg 189
“Clitoral is very intense but less deep and full; there is no qualitative difference, only a difference in richness, fullness and emotional satisfaction.”

“Vaginal orgasms are deeper, more releasing, more satisfying, better both psychologically and physically. They are like an underground volcano. A manual orgasm is sharper and more piercing, more superficial.”

Have you experienced both types of orgasm? Do you need help? Sex toys are a great resource for learning.

Clitoral Orgasm:
To achieve a clitoral orgasm, I recommend trying the Bunny Flirt. This is a good, inexpensive vibrator for beginners. It is small, 2-3/4" x 2" and discrete and quiet. It forms to your body comfortably and naturally. The list price on Babeland.com is only $18.00.

Vaginal Orgasm:
Achieving orgasm during intercourse is often more difficult. Liv by Lelo is hands down the best way to learn how to do this. The shape of Liv  forms naturally to your vagina effectively simulating intercourse. Liv has 10 vibration settings. She can take you from a quiet whisper to a wild ride.

Mona is a Lelo product and is guaranteed to be a fabulous purchase. I can not recommend Liv enough for learning to achieve orgasm vaginally. After you learn with Mona, it becomes easier to experience orgasm through intercourse.
Have you experienced vaginal orgasm or is it still a distant dream?


  1. So does anyone have any tips for how to have a vaginal orgasm during intercourse?

  2. Yeah, I am not comfortable using a vibrator. I think it would actually be more detrimental than helpful to mine and my husband's sex life. Any tips would be good. I've only been married 6 months-our sex is decent, but I get irritated during intercourse. I always feel like I have to pee and certain positions make me cry for some reason...who knows...

  3. I have never used a vibrator until recently and I am an upper 20's married mamma. I was kinda grossed out, but now I am hooked. BUT I am also convinced I have never ever had an orgasm in my entire life. I am blown away at how good it feels, but totally discouraged about ever having an orgasm during sex. Tips?

    ((The bullet is super cheap and awesome))

  4. Ok can't BELIEVE I'm posting this but, vaginal are the easiest for me to have, and BEST orgasms for me. Best way for me to get there is with him on top, then do a little wiggling so he is in deep and you can angle your pelvis up a little (so he hits the g spot), and you have good pelvic bone contact (haha best way I can think of to explain!) and your clit should be pressed up against the top of his, uh, part, and then move yourself in a circular motion and just grind. You can do the same thing on top of him, although I don't love that cause I literally feel like I might get out of control and hurt him. Another good one is sit face to face with your legs wrapped around him and grind while he thrusts, you get perfect g spot and clitoral stimulation to come really deeply. I say it's like I'm turning inside out. ok now when is my husband coming home from work!! =)

  5. So I would love some advice. I have never orgasmed in any other position but my husband on top of me. Why can we not get it right? What can I do? I'm getting bored with the same old missionary style. I need something else to bring the heat! HELP!
    -Needed Heat

  6. You've got to learn to position yourself to achieve more sensation. Try some of the different position on sexinfo101.com



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