Orgasm? Hitachi Magic Wand

Many of you, dear readers, have sent emails describing your search for an earth-shattering, mind-blowing, marital orgasm. And some of you would settle for ANY kind of orgasm. No matter your orgasmic status, you need search for the magic no further than the Hitachi Magic Wand. This vibrator has two speed settings: high and really freaking high. This is the vibrator women turn to when they aren’t messing around. It’s been branded as the “orgasm every time vibrator.”

Hitachi Magic Wand is somewhat of a dinosaur. But there is a reason this prehistoric vibrator won’t die. It’s good. Really, really good. The strong vibrations can be attributed to the power source. No wimpy C batteries here. The wand plugs into the wall. Do you know what kinds of powerful appliances plug into the wall? Blenders, vacuum cleaners, shoot – washing machines! You get that kind of power between the sheets and you’ll be smoking cigarettes in no time. But seriously, please don’t smoke cigarettes. You’ll get cancer and die and have a sad lonely husband.

  • 6’1” long reaching cord for easy maneuverability
  • 12” long and 2.5” in diameter
  • Great for the hubby too! It's commonly used to help with erectile dysfunction or arousal issues
  • Comes in discreet packaging
  • Even if you can already orgasm, this will help you learn to orgasm in new ways and different positions with your husband!

(The vibrations may be a bit too strong for some at first. Try separating yourself and the toy with a blanket or towel.)

Here is a little video demonstration from Babeland (Babeland.com does a great job at keeping your purchase discreet, so no fear of Gladys Kravitz or your 16-year-old son being included in your love life):

Have you tried this toy? What do you think? Would you recommend it to others?


  1. I've been wanting one but debating it would be too addictive! Cos I enjoy my own company a lot as much as my boyfriend's. I only hear good things ♥

  2. I've been wanting one as well, but I've got a pretty decent one. It's a pain to always be replacing the batteries. There are a bunch of attachments you can buy for the magic wand...might be fun to invest in for the future.

  3. Posting anon, in case mama stops by too.....

    My vibrator is a plug in, and it works every time.....
    After 17 years of marriage it is so nice to have options , to add it to positions that normally work for him, but not me, etc.....
    It is great when you are exhausted but need to bond, and for me it can not, nor would ever replace my man. The orgasms are great with it, but nothing beats reaching climax the good ol fashioned way...
    Nuff said

    Thanks for the product review! Adding it to my bucket list!

  4. Going anon on this one. *blush*

    My vibrator just died. I have been needing to replace it and while I was wanting to try something new, I wasn't sure what!

    This post came at the perfect time. The. Perfect. Time.

    I will be placing my order asap and waiting eagerly for its arrival.

    Hubby is great. Hubby plus vibrator is excellent. :D

  5. The hitatchi is the most amazing vibe out there! Ladies, if you are considering the purchase...it'll be the best $50 you've ever spent.

  6. I use with my wife all the time. It's the best marital aid, hands down! I was hesitant about purchasing it because I thought my wife would use it as a substitute for me. Didn't happen. Purchased mine at ELEGANTEMPIRE.com. Discreet packaging and the entry on my credit card statement was discreet as well.

  7. I was upset because I was really horny when I was on my period and I always feel vaguely uncomfortable with any kind of sex when I'm all messy. My boyfriend pulled out the Hitachi Magic Wand and I had the most POWERFUL orgasm of my life (I cried/laughed/screamed all at the same time) completely over my clothes. Seriously.

  8. People most of the time use this Hitachi vibrator for getting relieve from neck pain or back pain, and it is useful for healing the shoulder pain as well. If you have suffered from any kind of injury then also you may be able to get benefit by using these vibrators.

  9. This was my first vib but I regret it b/c it was too strong and spoiled me. Now I need something this strong and I think I numbed my clit. It works like a charm, but might be too powerful for that sensitive area. I wish I had started slower.

  10. It's reallly nice... But I have a REALLY hard time orgasming without it. I've had it so long, I can't even remember if I used to be able to orgasm without it. I've had relationships where we incorporated it pretty much all the time. But I've had boyfriends who were pretty sad that I needed it. I kind of wish I had never bought it.

  11. The Hitachi I mean Original Magic Wand is such and aaaamazing product. I do recomend having the speed control because sometimes the vibrations get very intense. I got mine from SensualHut.com and they have great attachmnets for the wands.

  12. I have an hitachi and while it does everything people say( rapid strong and repeated orgasms) i have mostly put it aside for my new best friend. I say new but i have had the wahl now 5 years during which the hitachi has been out maybe a dozen times. The reason for the switch was initially ease of use and noise levels but i'd say the more buzzy vibration of the wahl is more enjoyable than the rumbly vibes of the hitachi and the spot head of the wahl gets up close and around my clit whereas the hitachi only does wider contact stimulation. I'd recommend the wahl any time. Oh and my records are 6 orgasms in a session with the hitachi and 28 with the wahl.

  13. Thank you to the Hitachi engineering genius that took a jackhammer and shrunk it down into a vibrating piece of heaven.

    I want to thank you on behalf of my wife who now can barely walk due to the tsunami of orgasmic waves that overpowered her last night.

    She will walk again, but it may be straight back over to the magic wand.

    We had 15.5 mins of orgasm last night. Hers was 15 straight, mine 30 seconds.

    I could not believe the sounds and the passion that came out of her. With her mind blown she became so unselfish and just wanted me to be so happy after.

    And I am....

    Thanks Hitachi guy for your engineering genius. I hope you have a wife, or girlfriend. You have made my wife and many more women amazingly happy.

  14. Get some Magic Wand Attachments if you are getting the Original Magic Wand... they really take it to the next level

  15. This toy is AWESOME, I just wish that they would make the cord a little longer! it's about 178 cm I believe, why don't they make it longer like 250 cm? It would make it the best toy ever!! ... ah I guess the Hitachi magic wand is already the best toy ever...

  16. It didn't work for me. At all. No matter how many times I tried, even with direct or indirect stimulation. It's too strong! I even tried a blanket between it and me with a thick sock over it but I just got numb and frustrated, instead of turned on.

    I'm super sensitive so vibrators don't do it for me.

    1. I bought my first magic wand in 1988. I am now on my 4th or 5th one. I love it. I cum ,most times 6 to 8 times. Before the wand, i never came from sex with my husband. I love it I bought a g spot attachment, I now I can squirt too Lol , Life is good.

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