Hitachi Magic Wand Attachment -- Gee Whiz

A few weeks ago I did a post about the fabulous Hitachi Magic Wand. I have received several emails asking about the attachments. So, I put on my Sherlock hat and did some investigating. Here's what I've found:

The attachment is called the Gee Whiz and that is exactly what you say when you have finished using it. The Gee Whiz easily attaches to the head of the Magic Wand and is designed for penetration (the magic wand, itself, is not.) The power of the Magic Wand and the contours and flexibility of the Gee Whiz create a perfectly awesome experience. The Gee Whiz is a must if you are a Magic Wand owner. This is an extremely powerful toy and one of babeland.com's bestsellers. You can buy the Gee Whiz alone here or save $19.55 and purchase the two as a pair here.

Couples love this set like Seattlites love coffee. Have you heard good things about the Hitachi Magic Wand or Gee Whiz?


  1. I seriously ordered one of these after you posted a few weeks ago. I was so excited!

    I'm sad to say that it was a dissapointment to me. Maybe because I'm not a newbie to the toy arena? I don't know. It just isn't for me, I guess.

    I will still stand up for the mini bullets, though. That toy is the bomb. And much less expensive. And much less noisy.

    Just sayin'!

  2. I always thought my mom's Hitachi was her back massager as she liked to call it. Until I grew up and realized what she REALLY used it for.

  3. My wife and I have a hitachi and I bought the multi attachment kit from amazon to go with it and it has an attachment something like this, just not curved or with the bulge at the tip. I wonder if this would be better than the regular attachment we have. Worth looking into I guess although my wife isn't very interested in using toys/vibes.

  4. One year I was given massager/vibrator with two heads, designed to wrap around your shoulder or work up and down the spine...it is heavenly..

    well let me say ladies, that thing is more than heaven. It is a dream, a miracle a guaranteed happy ending. Whether I use it alone while we play around, or just to help out in positions that dont really work for me, this thing delivers! ONly draw back.....the cord. But hey, I can deal with that. It is well worth the rearranging so it can reach!!!!

  5. I could not MORE highly recommend 'The Wand'. And I have to all my close girlfriends. I like that it can be purchased from Amazon and that if my naive' Mother sees it in our room when she's at our house, she has no idea it ISN'T a back massager. I have the attachment kit from Amazon but we don't use that. I just like it as is and let the Hubs use his own 'attachment'.

  6. Just found your blog! Fantastic! The hitachi wand was a HUGE help for learning how to orgasm. Haven't tried the attachments yet...

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  9. The Hitachi magic wand massager has been made for almost 40 years! Millions of athletes and sportmen and women in the world use it to relax their tense muscles. It really is a good massager

    1. I agree with you and people also should know that the Hitachi magic wand is portable and you can carry it with you without facing any major difficulty.

  10. We got a his and her attachment kit for my hitachi from SensualHut.com and it changed our whole foreplay forever. By the time we actually start to have sex we are both so turned on that my husband and I get really, REALLY loud.

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