Valentine's Day -- What to Wear

Have you figured out what you're wearing on Valentine's Day yet? I love wearing a dress because I feel like I can get a bit more dressed up and be sexy. Plus, it makes it a bit easier to show off what I may or may not be wearing underneath and I don't have to run and change when we get back to our room.

Are you planning to buy any special clothing or toys for the bedroom? With 14 days until Valentine's Day, you should start looking around.

Trust me, he really wants you to.

Yandy still has a great collection available and they have huge discounts on a lot of items. They even have a Valentine's Day Lingerie Section and sell dresses. One thing I love about Yandy is if an item is out of stock in your size, you can sign up for an email alert. Items are guaranteed to be delivered by Valentine's if ordered by January 7.

Can you believe this little number is only $19.95?! It even comes with the thong, removable shoulder and garter straps and the stockings! And it would go so well under a dress.

Valentine's Day is also a great excuse to purchase new toys (and I'm not talking Barbie dolls here) and try them out. Look through the  Valentine's Day Gift Guide from Babeland.com here. Feel free to comment and ask for some recommendations or even give some recommendations.

This year, I'm in charge of planning our Valentine's Day date and I'm still not totally sure what we're doing yet... until we get back to the bedroom that is.

Have any magnificent ideas you want to send my way? What do you have planned?

Do you and your man expect to have sex on Valentine's Day? Do you like it?
I love that it's something we both look forward to. The anticipation and planning make it so much more exciting!


  1. I just want that dress in the picture up top! :)

  2. I just got a bunch of cute outfits... I can't wait!



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