What to Expect for Laser Hair Removal

Setting up a laser hair removal can be a bit nerve racking if you don't know what to expect. Luckily, it can be done without much pain and happens fairly fast!

Make sure you research laser removal centers in your area. Google can be your best friend.

Do some research on the types of lasers and what is best for your skin type and hair color. In general, lasers work best on people with dark hair and light skin. I've heard that a lot don't work well on blonde or red hair, but there a few that do (and more coming out that will work).

Make sure you don't have any medical risks that could lead to bad after effects. Do a consultation with the spa or office you have chosen.

Ask what kind of pain reliever is used. Some places use ice, some use numbing cream, some use a cooling device and some may use a different method.

You will need to shave the area being lasered before going in. Yes, shave. Don't pluck or wax. Lasering works by killing the hair follicle so you need to have part of it there beneath the skin.

You will be asked to undress and uncover whatever area will be worked on and lay on a table. If you are doing bikini line, you may be asked to wear some paper panties.

You will wear some protective glasses to shield your eyes from the laser.

Be prepared to move around as necessary. If you're getting the Brazilian done, they may have you roll over, prop your butt up on the air while spreading your butt cheeks to get everywhere. It's not pretty, but it means they can get all of the hair.

I would say it feels a bit like the pain you may get when shaving with a dull razor if you don't have the best anesthetic. It's not as bad as waxing. Each zap gets the skin in about a one inch radius.

Apply aloe vera afterward. The cooling effect is great.

You will look like a plucked chicken for a couple days. If you have big swelling and raised bumps after a couple days still, be a bit concerned.

After about 2 weeks, you should notice hair falling out and thinning.

Return for your follow up 4-8 weeks later or as suggested.


Have some "Fun"

My best friend and her husband have a code phrase they like to use for having sex. They call it "having fun". It works out pretty well for them!!

They can be in a group of people and say "Hey, want to 'have fun' later?" with a wink and know what the other is really wanting. They can say it in front of the friends, "Honey, I just want to have some fun" and the kids will just think you are planning to do something fun- which you really are.

I love the code phrases and words for a few reasons. It allows you to say what you really want without making yourself completely vulnerable and having to say the "s" word if that's out of your comfort zone. It allows your partner to get excited and look forward to something. It gives you something secretive and romantic to share with each other that others won't have a clue about.

Do you have any code words or phrases?
How do you hint that you're in the mood?


Wahl 7-in-1 Massager

I've been using the Wahl 7 in 1 from Babelend and I must say I love it!!

The great thing about the Wahl is it is just a standard massager. You can use it for whatever you want- "normal" massage or a bit more personal sexy massage.  If you want a discrete vibrator to use, you could buy this and nobody would ever know what you really use it for. It comes with a variety of attachments including ones for deep massage, scalp massage, and facial massage. It has 2 settings that work really well. The first is a softer massage and the other is for deeper more intense pleasure. It fits comfortably in your hard and it's really quiet, too.

I'm personally a big fan of the scalp massage attachment. It's amazing how relaxing that is for me!

Go ahead and try it out. You won't regret it!


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