Do you have a specific question you could use help with but don't want your best friend knowing about your love life?  Do you want to discuss a certain topic and need a sounding board?  Maybe you just want to hear my sweet voice so you know I'm not a creeper.  Consultations will give you more specific and personalized advice than you will find on the blog.  Whether you need a premarital pep talk or help getting through the seven-year itch, I'm here to help!

Telephone Consultations

Email Consultations

After paying for a telephone or email consultation please email me at gwenisinlove {at}  Please include the following information: 
  1. Name and phone number (for telephone consultations) 
  2. Marital Status, how many years married, number of children
  3. Your question or topic you would like to discuss
  4. The best time to schedule a consultation (telephone)
P.S. If you are a creepy boy, don't come looking for a rockin' hot sexy call from Gwen.  I'll hang up so fast you'll get whiplash... and no refund.


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