Be a Dating Diva

Remember when you met and fell in love with your honey? All of the nervous excitement — the DATING? It can take effort and focus to keep that fire roaring. Twelve of the cutest little wives have come together to support and encourage each other to become the most darling Dating Divas. They have put their heads together to come up with some fabulously creative and inexpensive date nights that are all about having fun and courting your man.

The invitation is for every wife to be a Dating Diva! It’s a movement, ladies, and you’re lucky to be a part of it! I feel so proud to support such worthy women as the Dating Divas and am pleased as punch to take the title upon myself.


While we all know a daily romp in the hay keeps the divorce attorneys away, these Divas offer some fab ideas for nourishing your marriage the other 18 hours that you’ll have left in your day.Like dedicating a Saturday to doing all of His Favorite Things. No malls, no theaters, no Italian.Make the day all about him and Best Buy and steak houses.

You will laugh yourself silly by creating your Choose Your Own Adventure Date. Do you remember the Choose Your Own Adventure books?!? So classic. Between the Star Trek door noises, Rock Band and MC Hammer mentions you will have yourself a FUN night to remember.The girls have even included a downloadable printout for this one.

The girls also know how to get the bed posts a rockin’. I think my guy will love coming home from work to find a trail of flower petals from the garage door all the way to his awaiting girl. Then I will be sure to let him know that I am Wild About Him.

My favorite Diva idea is to Recreate Your First Date! How romantic is that?! Making out on the front porch after the date is suddenly so hot again.

To become a Dating Diva, check out their blog here. Be sure to become a follower, Facebook fan, and add the Divas to your reader!

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What are your favorite dates? Are you a dinner and movie kind of couple? Or do you prefer a more unique date night?

If you're not regularly dating your husband, why not? Money? Kids?


  1. The reason we don't do tons of dates is money and kids. We have a little boy and only have so much money in our date budget, that to have a good night out, we can't really afford a baby sitter too. So he always tags along. Maybe if I do some fun, free dates I'll use that budget just for babysitters

  2. you've got the best blog ever!!!!
    love it! and Thanks for posting this post!!!
    p.s I tagged you in a liitle queastion tag. check it out at my blog
    xoxo, Olya


  3. We do home dates inspired by Simply Modern Mom
    Check it out! It has been so much fun.


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