Enjoy a Love Story by Lauren of Peace and Love:

Chapter I
"Hey! Hey, daisy girl!"
I wasn't positive why, but I turned around. Somehow, I knew he was talking to me.
"Why aren’t you wearing a flower in your hair today, daisy girl?"
And suddenly, although this had to be the oddest pick-up line ever heard on campus, I'm glad I turned. This tall, blonde hunk of man smiling down at me had apparently rushed to catch me once Psychology let out... to me he looked a little foolish, and a lot of fun. Taken by surprise, I curtly answered, "Um. I don’t know? Nothing matched?" and scurried away, to his confusion and to my regret.
Awesome, Lauren. You suck.
The next day of class, I wore a flower. Travis plopped in a seat next to mine, and declared that we needed to be in a study group. He got my number, and we began to “study”.

Chapter II
Trav quickly became the guy next door. He was always over, always fun, always incredible… but I always thought a He & Me would only be in my day dreams. My room-girls loved him, seriously. There was a lot of Travis-crushing going on in Apartment 218.
But then one day, we wrote a story together during class.

laurenOnce, while in a psychology class,
travThere was a teacher who would speak nothing but oodles of psycho-babble.
laurenIt was a pseudoscientific frenzy! Lauren & Travis could only do one thing…
travNot listen to him, instead they would make small moments together which would one day lead to…
laurenA magical fairy appearing! She turned them into the prince and princess of Bulgaria, where they lived in a castle and everyone in the kingdom spoke in wonderful accents.
travThe fairy said, “You may only be a prince and princess of Bulgaria under one condition, you must always be touchy-feely, and if you are not you will never be…”
laurenHappy! And will lose the ability to think with an open mind. This touchy-feely business is perfectly wonderful for Travis, who is known far and wide as the most flirty prince in the land.
travBut little did anybody know that Prince Travis never wanted to be known as the flirt of the land. And littler did they know that his heart was set upon the prettiest wild flower he had ever seen, and hoped and prayed that this wild flower would one day see him for who he is…
laurenPrincess Lauren then wondered if this wild flower was a Daisy?
travAnd as the Prince sat and thought of something poetic to say the only word that came to his mind to answer the question was “yes,” and boy does he like this Daisy. But wonders about her thoughts about him…
laurenWell, the Daisy can’t help but smile… =)
travAnd in the end the pretty Daisy Girl came to her understanding that the Prince and her were meant to cross paths and spend a moment in time with each other to make each other smile, laugh, to hold hands and even steal a kiss every once in a while. And they did this for the X amount of time they have with each other. And life was good…
laurenSonic Good.
Travis & Lauren
laurenP.S. You surprise me!
travP.P.S. I always will…
laurenP.P.P.S. Let’s have an awfully big adventure? =)
travP.P.P.P.S. As long as we’re with each other… we will.

little did I know, he loved me all along.

He asked me to be his girlfriend the next day, & already i was overwhelmed with how charming he was. After lots of nervous smiles and giggles from me, he asked, "Man... doesn't this just feel right?"

And you know what? It did.
It felt so right.

Chapter III:
On the day of our wedding, Trav & I sat hand in hand, alone. Waiting nervously for the ceremony to start, I was looking at the miniature disco ball on my left finger & feeling the warmth of my soon-to-be husband by my side… I was overwhelmed with the purest joy. Here we were, a princess & her prince about to be joined, forever. We were so happy.
Four months later, we are still as happy as can be. I wonder if this newlywed phase will ever wear off?


  1. this is so incredibly beautiful! i LOVE the story they wrote... i'm still smiling from reading it

  2. Lauren was my roommate when all this was going on! Their story was just about as cute in real life as it sounds! :) They're perfect for each other.

  3. Cute story! The newlywed feeling does wear off but it's still great after a few years. You know your partner so much better so you can enjoy it so much more (especially in bed!).

  4. SHUT UP!!! Cutest story ever!! I want it to be mine! ;) And as long as you work hard, the newlywed feeling doesn't fade. I promise.

  5. Oh my goodness, how adorable. It still feels new to us, and we have been married for three years.

  6. Cute love story! We've been married for almost 6 years and it is amazing and the 'honeymoon' phase has yet to go away.



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