Causes of Low Libido

It's perfectly normal to have a high desire and a lower desire partner. Problems may arise in a couple when they don't work with these differences in a respectful manner. Just like other parts of your relationship, there are times when you do things even if you're not really wanting to. Learn to like having sex because it's something that your partner wants and you can fulfill this desire for them even if you're not in the mood initially (and chances are that with sex you'll be in the mood very shortly after starting). It's possible to enjoy sex every time! Sure, it might not be mind-blowing every time, but you can still enjoy it.

Aside from general differences, there are common factors that research has found to be correlated with a decreased libido. A slide show from MedicineNet shows some common sex drive killers.

What issues do you believe affect your sex drive?
Unresolved Issues with Partner
Too Little Sleep
Parenting Chaos
Poor Body Image
Erectile Dysfunction
Low Testosterone
Too Little Intimacy
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You can anonymously leave comments with other possible contributors to your sex drive if it's not included in the poll.


It's Good

I just asked my husband for some input of what he thought you wanted to hear about and he just said

"Sex is good."

So, there you have it. The perspective of a really great man. Concise, simple and correct.

And your assignment- go enjoy some rockin' hot sex!


Costume Lingerie (and a sale!)

Hello ghosts and ghouls! I hope you had a fabulous and sexy Halloween! Last year I blogged about Halloween being a great opportunity to spice thing up in the bedroom. Costumes and specialized lingerie can be intimidating purchases, especially if they have a high price tag. Yandy is having a post Halloween sale with prices up to 80% off, a perfect time to try shaking things up if you ask me! Yandy offers discreet billing and shipping making it my favorite lingerie go-to.

It certainly does not have to be Halloween to play cops and robbers. This sexy little number, originally $53.95, is on sale for $37.77! I love a good deal.

How often do you change up your lingerie routine? Is it the price tag that prevents you from trying something new or embarrassment? Maybe it's just easier to get right down to naked?Have you talked to your husband about lingerie?

Benefits to Lingerie:
  • Lingerie can make you feel sexy and help you to get "in the mood."
  • Lingerie can help you feel more confident and comfortable. If you have a part of your body that you feel self conscious of, cover it up with a cute negligee!
  • Taking the initiative in purchasing lingerie can show your husband that you are interested in and care about sex. It's a great way to show him you think about and enjoy your sex life!
What are some benefits of lingerie you've noticed in your marriage?


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