Feelin' Sexy Friday -- Terrific Tan

A huge element in having a good sex life is confidence. How will you possibly enjoy yourself if you don't feel confident and sexy? Trust me. You won't -- so take control. On Fridays we'll share tips on how to feel sexy.

Do you have any?

A good tan never fails me. I know, I know. SO bad for you. But as Carrie says, "A time may come when we won't be so young and beautiful."


  1. WHERE are you? It's FRIDAY already?!?!?! ugh... still Thursday for me :(

    I'm with you on the good tan... also, having my nails done never hurt a thing.

  2. Hahaha! So funny. This was supposed to publish tomorrow. Apparently I hit the wrong button :)

  3. I'm with you on the tan. But I always have to have my eyebrows and nails done too. And some pretty jewelry doesn't hurt either! :)

  4. Ashley Ann,
    Eyebrows! YES. I don't think caterpillars can feel sexy. Next Friday, perhaps?

  5. Having Hair done makes 86% of women feel sexier...but I can't remember where I read that?! I like your idea for Feelin' Sexy Fridays! :)

  6. I agree on the tan. Not to overdo it, but a little color goes a long way. Minimizing the tan line is fun when I can get away with it. Nothing like tanning nude to also feel a little sexy.

  7. If you don't feel sexy in your "porcelain" skin then learn to love a fake tan (spray on, rub on, etc)! Sun/bed tanning is not worth getting pieces of your face cut off when you're 50 because of skin cancer...I want to feel sexy at sixty with my whole face/body intact!



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