Gwen's Slice of Advice

For my bridal shower, my BFF, Annie, asked all of the guests to write me a little note offering a slice of wedding advice. She compiled the notes into a sweet little book. I love my little book. Some of the advice was silly and some was sage. It ranged from spiritual to sexual. Some I disagreed with and others I cherished.

I am so excited to introduce a segment I like to call, Gwen's Slice of Advice.

Photo courtesy of Love Me Do Photography of Philadelphia, PA

To kick off the show, Let's hear what advice you've received. Was it good advice?


  1. Take it slow and enjoy each other! That was the advice I recieved. It's hard for a us guys who wait. We don't understand all that is involved in sex. My advice would be to learn about sex and what it takes to get to know your partners body. I think to many think they will just figure it out and I would say many are disappointed. One gift we always give to family or close friends is a honeymoon basket. Fruit,condoms,KY, other drinks and just items that are nice to have. Many have said that it is the only thing they took with them. Everything in there we wished we had on our honeymoon!

  2. What was your favorite or most helpful advice, Gwen?

  3. Well, Anon at 3:25 PM, you'll just have to wait until tomorrow :)

  4. You have to at lease talk about sex before so that you can find out if your compatible.

  5. My favorite piece of advice was "if you are going to fight, fight naked."



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