Hanky Panky

Boyfriend and I wanted to wait until we were married before there was any hanky panky -- one of the reasons I believe we were so compatible.

My reasons for waiting:

1. Babies. I wanted to know each other as husband and wife before we knew each other as mamma and pop.

2. Bonding. In waiting to share that bond, we showed each other dedication.

3. Patience. If waiting for sex doesn’t make you a more patient person, I don’t know what will.

4. The Wedding Night. What good is the wedding night if you’ve already sealed the deal?

5. I just might be a little bit of a tease and it was fun to make him squirm.

Photo Courtesy of a Sarah Rhoads

How about you? Did you want to wait? Any compelling arguments for not waiting?
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P.S. We had a very short engagement.


  1. Yup, those are all great reasons!

  2. Oh and did I wait? Sorry, but my lips are sealed ;-)

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  4. waited, and it was well worth it!

  5. I waited and waited! And it was definitely worth waiting to see my beautiful bride fully for the first time in my life. I was nervous and felt a little out-of-body surrealism because I was about to jump into what had been, just hours earlier, completely forbidden to me. Forbidden until I made an affirmative showing of my unending, unconditional devotion to her.

    Young, prude boys -- like myself -- talk about our eventual wedding night with pulsating awe and raging-hormone wonder. So, naturally, when the time arrived, we hopped right to it. Several hours later we were proud to welcome in the morning light with seven amazing love-making sessions under our belts (although our belts were still scattered on the floor in a tangled mess and partially buried by the hastily removed "items" from the impromptu midnight lingerie show). It was an incredible night of sharing pleasure, bonding, becoming vulnerable. It was the beginning of a deep, enduring, and ineffable love.

  6. Exactly what is hanky panky. I really am not sure if we waited or not to answer this correctly. According to some, kissing is crossing the boundary, or open mouth kissing, or french kissing. Is dancing close going too far in that I knew she had nice breasts and she could feel that I was enjoying her up close. Would changing clothes in the same room count even though nothing sexual happened as far as touching? I had seen her in a swim suit, so I really didn't see anything more than that even though she was in her bra and panties and she was smoking hot.

    For us, we did have some wandering hands and did enjoy passionate kissing. We knew there was a very strong physical attraction which made it very difficult to not enjoy this part of the relationship. We never had intercourse before marriage which was great to enjoy that on our wedding day. But if our engagement was longer than it was, it would have been very very hard not to. So does a little hanky panky count as full hanky panky?

  7. I am loving your new blog. My husband and I recently married October of 2009. We dated for over 5 years and waited for the wedding night. What a treasure! We also had a short engagement - 3 months. I would not change one thing!

  8. I am not married, but I've been dating a guy for 2 years. I really love him and we have decided to wait. Maybe its more of my decision but he respects it.

    by the way i love the idea of your blog.

  9. me and the boyfriend are waiting for that special night too. it is hard but not impossible! :)

  10. ps. i believe we are soul mates indeed ;)

  11. Short engagements are a good thing! Ours was six months, but we were finishing up college and really couldn't get married before we got rid of our roommates ;-)

    I had always known that I wanted to save myself for marriage, but never realized until I started dating my Handsome Man how HARD it is!!! We made it, and are so thankful that we did. Our wedding night was a beautiful night. The fun's been going on ever since ♥

  12. I'll be the lone heathen in the bunch and say "Heck, no, we didn't wait!" We also didn't jump into bed together the night we met either - we had known each other for around 5 months before we got around to "it". For us, we knew that we wanted to spend the rest of our lives together whether we were married yet or not, and neither of us is really all that traditional anyway - we lived together for over a year before our wedding. Plus, there's something in knowing that all the parts "work" together before you're sealed into a life-long commitment. Sex is important, individually, and to a marriage. If it just didn't "mesh" in that department, that may have been a deal-breaker for one or the both of us. Luckily, we didn't have that problem, AND we got to enjoy a couple years of "rockin' hot sex" before the wedding night (which we were both WAY to tired to even attempt anything during anyway). We ended up not having married sex until the first day of our honeymoon - two days after the vows! :)

  13. I once gave the advice to a friend that if you're a virgin and your spouse is too, then to each other, from the wedding night onwards, they're the best you've ever had. A good sex life is something that you can create and I personally don't think that needing to check that things "mesh" is a good reason. I have other reasons for thinking that waiting is the best way, but when I posed it to a friend this way he said "I'm a born again virgin!"

  14. Not gonna lie, I'm a little jealous. BF and I are VERY attracted to one another, but grad school means we'll probably date for 3 years+ before we can tie the knot. We both believe waiting is worth it, though. For now we'll make do with lots of kisses.



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