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Do you remember in 5th grade when the school nurse showed up in your gender-divided classroom to offer the most embarrassing lecture of your life? Brutal. "This is a safe place where you can ask questions," she'd say. Ha! Yeah right! My lips were sealed.

So we waited until the questions burned enough to ask our girlfriends. But what did they know? My best friend, you know who you are, (*ahem, Annie*) thought that sex was french kissing. She called me sobbing after her first kiss because she thought she might be pregnant.

Well my darlings, let me introduce you to the "school nurse" of adulthood. Shere Hite. Shere Hite is the author of The Hite Report: A National Study of Female Sexuality.

Hite builds upon biological studies of sex by Masters and Johnson and by Alfred Kinsey. Masters and Johnson pioneered research into the nature of the human sexual response and the diagnosis and treatment of sexual disorders and dysfunctions.

Questions answered at long last.

“I need to talk with other women about sex but it is so
impossible. I am embarrassed about my not having orgasms
and wonder whether my friends share this problem.... I can’t
expose thatmuch of myself in the face of such judgments and
can’t stand the pity.”

Don't worry anonymous commenter on page 205 from The Hite Report, there are answers to be had.

Was that an orgasm? Do I look funny? How do I increase my libido?

I will refer to the Hite Report more in future posts so, unless your burning questions can't wait to be answered, you don't have to buy the book :)

Are there any subjects you'd like to know more about? Don't be shy. Leave an anonymous comment!


  1. I would love for you to answer that question that you posted above. What did the Hite Report have to say about that? How can I have more orgasms? Was that an orgasm? How can I increase my libido?

  2. Love to know how to have orgasms more quickly. Also would love to know how to make sure I taste good down there so I wont feel so nervous about getting oral.

  3. I have a few questions.
    1. How common is oral sex these days and has this increased from 20-30 years ago?
    2. How common is anal and what are things to be careful of when doing anal?
    3. I found shaving my pubic hair later in marriage. It wasn't common when I was young, but seems much more common today. How many women, or even men, remove their pubic hair, keep it that way, or is it just an occasional thing?
    4. How many couples enjoy sex outdoors?
    5. How many couples have made movies of them having sex? Also do you take nude photos of each other, keep them for yourself or share with others?

  4. My libido has disappeared. I'm not talking about, "Don't feel like it." We're talking, "Thinking about it is sort of making me ill."

    It's bad over here.

  5. Ditto to the first commenter! Higher libido and easier orgasms please!!! My problem is I feel like the stars have to be aligned for me to orgasm and it NEVER happens during actual sex. I have to be in the same position, lights off and use a vibrator.... Ugh! It makes it really hard to be spontaneous and frustrates me to no end sometimes.

  6. Thank you for creating a place to talk openly about sex with other women. And suuuuch a cute site too! I haven't read the hite report - looks good!

  7. I think it would be interesting to talk about sex while pregnant (it's kinda not so fun) and while breastfeeding....

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