Feelin' Sexy Friday -- The Hair Down There

How do you groom your hair down there? Are you a natural woman or do you prefer a clean and trim look? Maybe you prefer no hair? What makes you feel sexy? Is your grooming to avoid embarrassment (i.e. a furry swimsuit line), or intended to attract your man?

Many women think pubic hair is sexy, “Pubic hair is feminine and mysterious and quite beautiful.” (The Hite Report, pg. 367) Others are put off by it or prefer the sensation of bare skin. "My pubic hair is too long, so I cut it. I wash two times a day and douche every three days.” (The Hite Report pg. 369)

Have you ever wanted to groom the hair down there but have not known how?

Here are a few options:
  • Shave your pubic area with a razor. The most common form of hair removal, but it may cause skin irritation.
  • Wax. A bikini wax (just the edges) or a Brazilian wax (ALL of it). This can be done at a salon or with an at home wax pot.
  • A Chemical depilatory such as Magic Platinum Shaving Powder
    (a mixture you spread over the hair that dissolves it away from the skin.)
Talk it over with your husband. Does he have a preference? Be brave, give it a try. You'll feel fresh, clean, and sexy!

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Still have questions? Leave an anonymous comment. See what the other girls are doing by taking the new poll on the sidebar.


  1. I was JUST thinking about doing a post about this yesterday!! How funny! I like to keep it at least trimmed. I usually don't shave the WHOLE thing but it can be really short and that's okay with me. I don't think it's cleanly to have it all natural, plus what about when you want to have oral? Gross!

  2. I definitely feel sexier keeping it trimmed! I voted for "Just bikini line" in your poll but I usually go with the landing strip style. Does that count as just the bikini line?? Maybe somewhere in between brazilian and bikini line :)

  3. Anyone know how well laser hair removal works down there?

  4. Shelley,
    That is funny. Oral is a big reason many women go without. Good point.
    Totally counts :)
    Generally I've heard it works the best if your hair is darker. Lighter hair doesn't seem to respond as well. Anyone else?


  5. what a great blog! just so honest and out there, i am definitely a new fan

  6. ps i almost just corrected your profile haha cuz it said Heathcliff and Clair, I'm all Wuthering Heights is Heathcliff and Cathy! haha my mom would be ashamed of me and my lack of Cosby Trivia

  7. I don't like to be totally bare, but neither do I like to feel like I have a rodent on my crotch...

  8. C'est La Vie and Samantha, you girls had me in stitches. I love it.

  9. It never occurred to me to groom down there, until I married Mr. J. The likes is bald. After I shave the hair down there for a while I kinda like it myself.

  10. awesome post...good timing too because just decided to do a brazilian...am wondering if you keep shaving everyday if your skin will get used to it and it will be easier after awhile.hmmmmm

  11. I'm loving your blog & how open and honest you are in your posts.
    I say SHAVED!!! Makes it more enjoyable.
    Hair belongs on my head...not in his mouth :)-

    P.S. Your comment had me "BLUSHING" last night. Flattered that i'm not too shabby!
    Definitely a line i'll be using with my hubs.

  12. bare is where it's at! :)

    i really am enjoying your blog! :)

  13. I like to have it trimmed - for special occasions I will go bare just for him. So, it depends. :) But, NEVER full on natural...

  14. Brazilian! Not only does it help in the oral department, but I also feel SO much cleaner during that time of the month too. But I do keep a strip or a triangle, depending on my mood.

  15. Dude, I used to be bare but then I had kids and ran out of, time and, um, patience? Energy? Who knows why really. It seemed it was always hit and miss with my husband,I'd be ready, he's asleep, I wasn't "shaved, he was ready to go. Blah blah. So now I keep it trimmed short, but bare is a memory for now...maybe it will have it's comeback when the kids are in school...

    Love you!!

  16. just found your blog. we're sort of hovering about the same territory-- marriage and sex. just wrote about the trend of "vajazzing" one's area "down there" too.

    In Bed With Married Women

  17. I did the laser treatment but just for the bikini line. It worked but it was sooooo painful!!

    I usually shaved the other area. ;)

  18. I shaved with a razor growing up and even after 10 years I would still get razor burn =/ Then someone mentioned Magic Shave on a msg board and I tried it and that stuff is AWESOME!! No razor burn, no skin irritation and soft smooth skin for at least a week! But by the end of the year I'll be doing laser for the bikini/legs so hopefully I won't need a razor or MS anymore!



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