Feelin' Sexy Friday -- Walk the Walk

Have you ever paid attention to the way people carry themselves as they walk? It's interesting. A really pretty girl can seem average if her shoulders are slouched and she's looking at her feet. Don't you instantly respect a woman who holds her head high?

Walk with confidence. Don't look at your toes. Look at the world. It's a beautiful place :)

Strut -- you'll feel sexy, I promise.



  1. I absolutely LOVE this post! I totally agree!!!

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  3. I can't strut right now... all I can do is waddle :(

    Ohhh... I can't wait to feel sexy again. *sigh*

  4. good post! love that clutch :)

  5. I always get more attention when I walk and move with confidence! :)

    New to your blog :)

  6. ok seriously..I just read your guest blog over at Hand in Hand...and can I just say I am a SUPER FAN now?!?! I think most wives forget the power we hold. NO ONE ELSE can make MY husband feel the way I can make him feel! THANK YOU for the reminder...

    ...and love THIS post too! I will be strutting today, thanks to you! GREAT BLOG!

  7. good advice--even as we age.

  8. Awchie. Guilty of the non-sexy walk.

    Tomorrow, I'll strut. :D

  9. Following you from your guest post on hand in hand!



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