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I am so excited for Jessica from Mommy's Sippy Cup to be here today. Her Love Story is like a scene from a Julia Roberts Chick Flick. Enjoy!

It all started with a tan, vintage looking leather jacket, that I kept seeing walk by me over and over while I was at work. What a hot jacket on a totally hot guy, I kept thinking to myself daily. Of course, I'm trying to focus and work, but the more I am seeing this guy, the more I lose track of what I am doing. Michael worked in a different department and would occasionally come in to where I worked and drop off stacks of paperwork for me to do. He made small talk with the other girls in the office, and I sat quietly, wishing he would talk to me. The most I ever got out of him was 'thanks' or 'have a nice day.' Maybe this guy totally doesn't know I even exsist!!
Every Friday at work, we had a massage therapist set up to do 15 minute chair masages in the office right next to Michael's. As I'm walking down the hall to get my massage, it happens. He talks to me! "Hey," he says. "I give massages, too. And I make housecalls." Really? Did that guy just use that as a pick up line? At work, no less? I stared at him like he was the biggest loser ever and just kept walking. After my massage, I decided to take him off guard, peeked my head in his doorway and told him that I may take him up on that. His mouth dropping open, he was completely shocked.

Shortly after that, we decided to go out on our first date. He was going to "cook me dinner." Only he forgot to buy everything and picked up a rotisserie chicken at the grocery store and some frozen vegetables. Neither one of us cared and had a great time. Weeks past and many dates happened. One night in the summer, after it had been raining all day, we decided to go get some take out at PF Changs. While we were waiting for out food, we sat up at the bar and ordered a glass of wine and chatted for a bit. An hour went by. An hour and a half. Meanwhile, the food had been sitting next to us the entire time with our full glass of wine. I was completely mesmerized by this guy. Starving, but didn't want to leave because our conversation was so great. Nearly two hours later, food cold, we decided we should probably leave and go eat our food. That's when we knew. Neither one of us said anything, but that night was the night we fell in love with each other. I wanted to spend the rest of my life with this guy!

Time past and we both moved together for his job in East Texas. We talked about our life together all the time, planning how many kids we were going to have, what our wedding would be like, what kind of house we wanted. Everything. Christmas day 2007, Michael proposed to me in front of my family. I was so surprised, I stood there, tears rolling down my face. Instead of immediately saying yes, I yelled out, "I think I'm going to puke!" So romantic!
It is now summer of 2010. We have the house we always talked about and a nine month old little boy, Davis. I never really knew dreams could come true until I met this man. Michael is my best friend, soul mate, and I thank my lucky stars everyday that that hot guy in the tan leather jacket walked by my desk.

Jessica's Slice of Advice:
Try your best to keep the romance alive.
My husband and I still try to impress each other. We do little things to make our normal dinners seem special, whether it's dining outside by candlelight, or breaking out the fine china. Always give more and don't expect to always receive. And never be too proud to apologize first.

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  1. *sigh* It's a lovely story. Thanks for sharing!!

  2. very cute story and what a beautiful couple!

  3. Beautiful story!

  4. I so love Jessica! Great story I feel like I need to break out the fine china!!!

    Now following your blog too!

  5. Amazing story and very cute photos!
    Your blog is great! Just became a follower!

    Mine is www.nycislandgal.com
    Hope you like it and share the love by following me too! ;)

  6. Great story. I love the pickup line.


  7. Absolutely wonderful. Heart-touching! :)

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