Sex Stoppers -- Hygiene

Sex Stopper: Here is a straight forward problem. Stinkiness. No one wants to make out with a giant stinky. You've been the culprit, he's been the culprit, I've been the culprit. It's just part of life. We don't always smell like roses. But it's ok. There is an easy solution.


Solution: Are you ready for it? You'll be blown away at how simple it is.

If you know a rendezvous is around the corner, hop in the shower and brush your teeth. He will probably feel compelled to do the same. You'll feel fresh and sexy and you'll also have a fresh mouth to make out with in return. Everyone wins.

If it's not you you're worried about, you could always put on your flirty smile and say, "I really, really want to give you a surprise, but first would you mind hopping in the shower?" For some reason we become nervous to bring it up and often end up missing out on an intimate night with our man. The solution is so simple, hygiene should never be a sex stopper again!


  1. i've gotten over the shy part...if either of us smell i'm all about the shower.

  2. A hint for guys - her sense of smell is better than yours. Also, her sense of smell is at it's peak mid-cycle when she most wants sex.

  3. I agree about the quick shower! It works wonders!

  4. I was just coming by to tell you about an award I gave you! But you already saw it :) haha I would love to submit a love story :) Do I just email you?

  5. maybe you could do a post on hygiene tips "down there" for ladies?

  6. Totally agree!!

    I gave you an award on my blog, check it out!


  7. Hi Gwen!
    Here's an idea for your readers....it gave me a grin. Penis jewelry.

    Not kidding!


    Enjoying your straight talk!

  8. We will jump in and have fun in the shower. And then again when we get out!!!

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