Sail Away into Lingerie

The summer of love is coming to an end. So sad. With Fall approaching, it will be too chilly to strut around your husband in your bikini. So jump out of that sexy suit (or slightly-sexy-mostly-modest suit if you're like me) and into your lingerie. You do wear lingerie, right?


What kind of a lingerie girl are you? Do you like to buy your unmentionables in store or online? There are pros and cons to both:

In Store (Victoria's Secret, Fredricks, etc.)

  • Try things on for size before purchase
  • Returns are easy with a trip to the mall
  • Knowledgeable employees to help you out. I believe the Victoria's Secret girls offer free bra fittings.
  • Smaller selection (stores and products)
  • Less discrete
  • May be uncomfortable, especially in the more spicy stores

  • Discrete shopping. Great for first timers or shy types
  • Easier to shop for sales
  • Big selection including more options for plus size lingerie (i.e. Torrid, Always For Me)
  • More difficulty with returns. (However, I have returned items to Yandy Lingerie, and the process was surprisingly simple.
  • Inability to try items on before purchase

What do you prefer? In stores, or online? Have you dared to stray from the comforts of Victoria's Secret?


  1. Definitely online! Id be too shy to shop for lingerie at a shopping centre.

  2. I've gotten mine in stores before but I would buy them online

  3. I prefer in-store, cause I do like to try things on before I shell out the cash. I pretty much stick with Victoria's Secret. And the only time it makes me uncomfortable to shop there is if there are guys in the store. I always feel like they're staring at me, and wondering what I'm going to buy. (Even though that may not entirely be the case...)

  4. I really, really need to wear lingerie more...You've inspired me. And I shop in store. I hate having to send things back if they don't fit right.

  5. My husband thinks the lingerie process is kinda pointless. It's been nice to surprise him in cute panties (but need a sexy bra) and I;m just a VS girl by heart but can only afford to shop there during the semi annual sale. Thanks for the links! I will check these out

  6. online! too shy to do it in public! haha

  7. I totally shop in store. I love to try on what I will be wearing and know exactly what it looks like. Sometimes I snap a "sneak peek" shot with my phone and send it to the hubby. {TRY IT! He will go crazy!}

    I'm a VS girl all the way, but when money is a little low, I'm not above Department store shopping for something a little less expensive {but still sexy!}

  8. I feel a little awkward buying the lingerie for myself {{blush}}, but I love receiving it as a gift from my husband!

    One year (during Christmas time) I came home to a romantic scavenger hunt that led to pieces of the pink santa outfit from Victoria's Secret.

    ♥ ♥ ♥

    p.s. I LOVE your 5 Love Languages post below. I'm "words of affirmation" and my husband is "service."

    p.p.s. I'm excited for your post this Thursday ;)

  9. Victoria's Secret all the way.

  10. I'm not too shy to buy things in a store, but I like to buy things online so that I know I'm the only person who has tried them on. I don't like swimsuit shopping for the same reason. Call me a germaphobe, I don't mind! :-)

    I have a VS card, and I love it! I get to build up points, get free panty gift cards in the mail frequently, and just got a $10 birthday gift card from them in the mail. Now I'm all excited about what to get next :-)

  11. I just found your blog and I love it.
    I am commenting on this post because it just fits best... I have just recently bought some lingerie online to surprise my boyfriend for his birthday. The best thing was that the whole "outfit" was less than $20 but the "effect" was priceless... He said it/I was the best present ever. Oh and I can tell you this... that night was HOTTER THAN HOT. Wow!

  12. Fredericks of Hollywood was great to me this Christmas. The crotchless open back panties for my wife's smokin hot backside and shelf bra for her less endowed bust.


  13. Wow, now this is something really useful.
    Thank you so much for sharing.



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