All is Love Stop Motion Video

Enjoy a little slice of happiness on this lovely Wednesday. Made for you by me :)

All is Love from Gwen In Love on Vimeo.


  1. That is great. You are very tallented. Love the sudden appearance of VE

  2. Ahh that was so cute!!

    I think I'm in love with your blog...
    Don't tell my husband!


  3. SO cute! I LOVE YOUR BLOG!! Sorry about the all caps, but I'm just so excited to have found you!

  4. This is utterly creative of you! I even like the song choice. :)

    Thanks for following me! :)

  5. Gwen - this is so darling. I totally want to copy you and make something like this with my sweetheart for a date night. I'd probably think it was way more fun than he would... But maybe we could play ALOTA different sports on our next date night. Everything is so creative and cute - from the bit letters to the little love signs changing colors {because they traded - ha figured that one out ;)} to the cute dance moves. This would also make a totally cute video for a wedding reception - ah - you've got me thinking! Thanks for sharing your awesome creative-ness!

  6. Awesomely cute video!! Where did you learn to do that?

  7. So adorable!!! I want one!! I love this so much!! ♥

  8. GIRL! Love the video....now WHERE did those boots come from?? LOVE THE BOOTS! Do tell! It's Tara from Dating Divas....and I sooooo wanna buy those boots. Heck, I would love the whole outfit, but we will start with just the boots. lol



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