Love Story -- JT and Britt

Brittnie has the best. story. ever. You'll love it. Go.

When me and my husband were dating we were completely inseparable. So in love and would spend every possible minute we could with each other. I lived at home with my parents while we were dating and he would come over every night after he got off work and school.

We loved to watch movies and sometimes maybe even 2 or 3 just to spend more time with each other (no worries, we were completely rated PG mormons) Sometimes we would both fall asleep and he would wake up and leave and sometimes in the early, early morning, oops!

Well, for the past week he kept seeing a truck slowly pull up in my parents driveway then hurry and take off. I had a crazy ex bf before him and he thought that it was him. At first he let it slide but after seeing this truck a few nights in a row he got concerned and decided to follow it. I had no idea he was doing this, he hadn't told me about the truck at all.

He was pretty heated one night while following the truck, pulled up right behind it and started honking the horn. The driver of the truck pulled over and stopped and jumped out. My husband jumped out as well ready to give this man a whoopin! The man started yelling at my husband asking why he is following him. My husband told him he kept seeing him come to his girlfriends house and speed off. The man went back to his truck, pulled out some papers and handed it to my husband. It wasn't just and kind of paper, it was a roll of newspaper.

Yes, he was indeed the newspaper deliverer. I guess JT didn't notice the paper flying out the window every time he stopped at my parents. He really was my knight in shining armor and still is to this day :)

Brittnie's Slice of Advice: I remembered some advice my mom gave me right before I got married. She told me that if I become a stay at home mom, it doesn't mean I shouldn't still dress up and put on lipstick. She taught me the importance of always looking your best, especially for your husband when he gets home from work because he deserves it. I totally agree with her too, I never want to turn into a frumpy housewife. Even if I only have time to change clothes and put on lipgloss, it's better than nothing!

Funny, huh? I told you it was good :) Do you have a Love Story worthy of a feature? Send it my way, gwenisinlove {at} gmail {dot} com


  1. Very funny, and love the advice your mom gave you when you got married!

  2. I've been getting dressed up even though i have nowhere to go! it's def. a must for women (moms) we deserve to feel beautiful and our spouse deserves a hottie as you said:) xoxo

  3. btw: he looks so familiar...is he from NY

  4. that is so great! awesome story!

  5. Brittnie is too cute! I love that story- hilarious!! I love it when guys who do things like that for their girl (:

  6. I sooooo agree with the 'slice of advice'!

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