Anniversary Date

This was a good week. A really good week. Husband and I celebrated another anniversary. I LOVE celebrating our anniversary. Our wedding day was truly the happiest day of my life. The commitment we made together is strong and powerful and I treasure it more than anything. We go all out for our special day.

This year, we got all fancied up and went to the (almost) most expensive restaurant in town. Afterwards Husband surprised me and took me to Lowe's. Sounds random, but we went into Lowe's on our first date, so it was really quite romantic. We walked around and imagined the changes and improvements we would someday make on our 1100 square foot home. It was a perfect night.

Want to know what I wore? OK!:

The fabulous Casablanca dress from Shabby Apple. I used this coupon code for 10% Off and Free Shipping: Fall10off (Offer expires November 20)

Darling earings I picked up from Crush Jewels. Aren't they beautiful?:

And I finished my outfit off with a pop of color with this unique, handmade clutch from Annilyn Green's Etsy shop:

When is your anniversary? How do you and your love muffin like to celebrate?


  1. Happy Anniversary! :)

    Our anniversary was a few weeks ago on October 20th. 3 years! We don't really do much to celebrate usually, but this year we went out to a steak & chophouse that my brothers always talk about, and had a delicious steak dinner, then we came home and watched TV together on the couch (not very romantic I know, but our baby was away at Grandma's being babysat, and it's not very often we get to cuddle together on the couch without a 14 month old climbing all over us! ;) )

    We're planning on doing something really amazing for our 5th anniversary, we want to go to a resort in Mexico and spend a week there!

  2. We celebrated our 6th anniversary in August. We went out for supper to our favorite restaurant and remembered our special day and how far we've come in 6 years. I would love to renew our vows every 10 years.

  3. Our 15th is coming up in April. We have always celebrated by getting a club sandwich at a local diner- the same diner we grabbed club sandwiches from on our wedding night on the mad dash from the reception to the B&B where we celebrated our love for each other for the first time.

    Sadly, that diner is gone now and we're trying to find a new tradition. Last year he played hookie from work and we spent the day as 'tourists' locally. That was fun but 15 years is a big deal anniversary. Gotta come up with something good!

  4. I loved reading this...nothing better than knowing others out there enjoy celebrating anniversaries. That dress is beautiful!

    We celebrate in April, and also have "mini" celebration of half marks (6 month, 18 month, etc.)

  5. Our 15th, is on Dec. 30. Hard to believe how fast it has gone. My parents are keeping the kids and we are taking an extended weekend with a bed and breakfast in there somewhere too. Soooo excited to have this time! With all the traveling for work, it is really special to have time like this.

  6. My husband and I had out 1st anniversary yesterday! Saturday we went shopping and out to eat. Last night I cooked a surprise dinner for him then we made frozen coffee with each other and watched a movie. It was all pretty simple but exactly how I wanted it!

    I just started a blog for our family!

  7. those earrings are just gorgeous!!

  8. Today is our 6 month anniverary!!! Well... would it be six montheversary???
    either way, I am so excited and can't believe it's only been 6 months but at the same time it's already been 6 months! Happiest time of my life!!

  9. Aah! (yes I just did a girly squeal)I love your blog! I am so excited to blog stalk and read love stories and more! Maybe one day my love and I can be featured in it :)
    So far for our anniversary's (we've just had 2) we've traveled! I love it! It's the best excuse to get away and hopefully we'll keep up the tradition when we have kids!



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