Valentine's Day Lingerie and Sexy Gifts

Sure the Valentine's Day Date is fun, but Valentine's isn't really about the date -- it's about what happens in the bedroom AFTER the date. So let him take care of the romantic diamond ring you've been eying and the fancy dinner downtown and you worry about the fun part. Your gift to him doesn't even need to be wrapped because, ideally, it should be wrapping you! Valentine's Day Lingerie is what your man is secretly hoping for (trust me, I know these things.)

Hide a little number like this under your little black dress and he'll be squirming all night! He'll love this gift more than a box of chocolates or a pair of basketball tickets. Lingerie is the type of gift that keeps on giving. Men are visual creatures -- so give your man something to look at!

And if you're looking to step it up a notch, try something sweet like this chocolate body paint. It's a fun way to switch up your routine.

Have you ever tried giving a sexy gift for Valentine's Day or have you always stuck with a new tie? Give it a try. He'll be quite pleased :)


  1. Okay, is there anything that I can do while pregnant. I know I can have sex but I want to look sexy even though I have a nice pregnant belly any suggestions.

  2. When I was pregnant, I wore a baby doll that opened up in the front and matching g string. My hubby thought it was so cute and sexy to see my prego belly stick out.

  3. This is a very nice post!
    I enjoyed reading every bit of it.



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