Feelin' Sexy Friday -- Exercise

Get a good work out in during the day.

Maybe, it's just going for a walk with the kids during the day. Join a gym in your area or join a local dance class. Dance around your living room for a while. Just make sure you're doing something physical.

Exercising will decrease stress and anxiety while improving your mood, energy and body image.


  1. I love these simple tips. Thanks Gwen!

  2. I agree. It's so much easier to feel sexy when I'm feeling healthy.

  3. A quick question for Gwen: No matter how many times in a day my husband and I have sex, he still has sex dreams, almost every night. Then he tells me about them when we wake up in the morning. I am glad he feels he can tell me these things... but at the same time I am kind of getting irritated that this keeps happening. I am a petite girl with pretty much no hips and a very small chest. Yet he dreams about sleeping with lots of girls one after another, all of which have huge boobs. I am getting kind of tired of hearing about it at this point... what should I do?

  4. Do you have any info on how common it is to enjoy playful spanking or playful bondage during sex. I'm personally not talking anything painful or crazy but I get really turned on by being lightly spanked during sex. Should I be concerned there's some deeper meaning behind this??? Is this common? Any other readers feel this way?!

  5. I like a little spanking too ;) I just read a poster on pinterest that said "Even good girls need spankings." Love it!

  6. @Anonymous 9:54
    Men vary in the amount and frequency of wet dreams. Your husband may be the kind of man that has frequent wet dreams. With some men, the more often they have sex increases the frequency of wet dreams.
    Does your husband know how you're feeling when he tells you about his dreams? In what manner is he relaying the information to you? I believe most men dream about a variety of women and/or may have a certain kind of woman they fantasize about. Talk to him directly about it and see if you can have a good conversation about the dreams and each of your feelings.



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