Feelin' Sexy Friday: Massage

I always love a good massage and so does Husband. I got my very first professional massage a few years after we had been married. I would probably get one every day if I could. Instead, we bought a book, did some reading and watched a few videos on how to give a good massage and taught him to do the same.
Basic tips that I've learned so far:
  • Make sure your hands are warm as you massage
  • Work from the waist up with a little bit of pressure all over the back at first
  • Use your body weight instead of just your arms
  • Gradually build up the pressure to get rid of knots instead of going immediately to deep
  • Ask the person you're massaging what they like and don't like

Have you heard of the Massage Bars  from Babeland? Husband and I brought them on our last vacation. There's way less risk of mess in the suitcase compared to bringing a bottle of massage oil. The massage bars turn into oil as they are rubbed over skin. They work wonderfully and they smell great!

Touch is a great way to feel relaxed, connected, reassured and comforted. A relaxation massage is a good way to get started. 


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