Boost With Desire

Mind over matter. You've heard it said. Mind over matter. The first step in boosting your libido is wanting to boost your libido. And why wouldn't you want to boost your sex-drive? We are talking more orgasms here, girls!

Decide today that you, you -- not your husband -- but you want to increase your libido. Want it for yourself and want it for your marriage. Shoot, want it for your kids and for the guy on the freeway who is trying to merge in front of you. A satisfied girl is a happy, kind girl. :)

Photo Courtesy of Boutwell Studio

1 comment:

  1. Passion. Oh, how I crave it.

    I want to be kissed long and deep and good. I want fingers in my hair. Kissed hard, like a man, and I want to really feel like a woman.
    I want to be looked at with such desire, that I can feel the heat in the core of my very being. I want to be made weak in the knees…

    Do YOU have this? Or is it only something that happens only in the movies on TV, and in romance novels?



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