With Great Power

I was recently a guest blogger with two sweet girls here and here. I thought I would share the post I wrote for Life Hand in Hand. Enjoy!

Shelley’s post about growing up got me thinking about Peter Parker. “With great power comes great responsibility.”

We are quick to recognize the great responsibility involved in marriage -- bills, careers, babies – but how often do we remember the great power we hold? Wives have the power to make their husbands feel like superheroes. Tell him how strong and muscular he is and you’ll notice he stands a little taller. Verbally observe how much his coworkers respect him and you’ll notice how he shares his opinion with a little more confidence.

As an added bonus, you may notice some unexpected help in the kitchen.

Go fall in love!


  1. Just discovered your blog via Krystal's Kitch. Love it, so cute!

  2. I remember this from your guest post over at Shelley's. It was spot on then and it is spot on now.

  3. This post is so true. I wish we all spent more time building our husbands up instead of picking them apart. Great post, and great blog! I just discovered it. What a fun theme. Very refreshing, from one awesome-ly married gal to another! Thanks for your upbeat insights.

  4. Hi Gwen, I am glad you like my blog title, even though not the actual post. LOL I like honesty and the whole post was just my taste buds talking! Your blog looks cool. Do I know you? I am curious how you found my blog? Normally only family and friends read it, so it surprised me is all. Have a great day!

  5. I feel dumb, I just was thinking about it and I realized you were telling me you like my actual blog title and it had nothing to do with my actual blog post! LOL



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