Sex & Money

Autonomy plays an integral role in a successful and fulfilling marriage. While I am all about dividing roles and responsibilities, I am equally passionate about educating yourself and taking control of your life. Whether you are the primary financial leader or your husband takes this role, it is vital that you be informed about your finances.

It is often said that sex and money are the top causes for contention, and even divorce, in marriage. By now you are all well on your way to having a rockin' hot sex life so here are a few conversation starters to be sure you and your honey are in harmony regarding your money matters:
  • What steps are we taking to save money?
  • What steps are we taking to invest money?
  • Why are we saving/investing money?
  • Do we have a budget?


Husband and I are completely obsessed with Mint.com. After a simple set up process, our income and spending are automatically tracked and categorized making it easy to see where we need to cut back spending. Mint.com has over 1 million users and has been named the best online personal finance tool by Money Magazine. It is fast, intuitive, and offers real solutions. Multiple users are allowed for one account making it easy for you to collaborate with your spouse. The iPhone application is one of my favorite features. Alerts for over-spending can be sent right to your pocket.

Even if you already have a budgeting system in place, I would highly recommend giving Mint.com a try. It is free and more importantly stands as an invaluable tool for understanding your finances. Take control, girls. You'll feel sexy, I'm sure.


  1. What I don't like about Mint (I have it on my Iphone) is that it doesn't update as fast as my bank website, so it tells me my account is too low 3 days too late. The budget part is nice but it's not fast enough for me.

  2. We love Mint too! An we have never had a problem with it being slow.

    Girls who are informed about money are smart. Thanks for the post, Gwen

  3. Gwen,

    I love reading your blog! I find it so insightful and relateable. I've given you an award on my blog for your amazingness! xoxo

  4. I kind of looked Mint over one night but then forgot about it. Maybe I should give it another shot.

  5. I'm obsessed with mint.com too, such an awesome way to get your money straight!

  6. Hubby and I love Mint.com. We were shocked at where our money was going once we finished a complete month of tracking!

    Thanks for following me too! ;)

  7. thank you for the link! I will check it out! Have a fabulous weekend~ Army wife

  8. Thanks for the info Gwen! I can definitely do better at budgeting.

  9. I use Mint.com as well! It is GREAT! I always feel terrible when it emails me that I went over budget... haha

  10. I haven't used Mint, but we're thinking of using You Need A Budget software. I'm all about Dave Ramsey too...we're taking his class starting in a couple of months.

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