Votes For Marriage!

Did you vote yesterday, girls? I did. I love voting day. The campaign posters scattered all over lawns, the red, white, and blue, the hanging chads. It's all fabulous!

Now that your political vote has been cast, it's time to head on over to The Marry Blogger to nominate your favorite marriage blog. And I'll be crossing my fingers that it's me ;) I have loved being a part of the marriage blogger community and getting to know all of you. Each comment, email, and follower has motivated and encouraged me. My heart is full of love and appreciation for each one of you, dear readers. This is a community we have truly built together and I thank you. What a gift it has been to dedicate time each day to think about and build a better marriage. Have you noticed an improvement in your marriage? I have.

Here's what you do:

1. Nominate your Favorite Marriage Blog via the form here (you will be notified via email about the Finalists and Top 10), or leave a comment on this post

2. One vote per person…if you have more than one, only the first will be counted

3. Please Include the URL of the blog

4. Give a reason for your choice

5. Go back to vote for your favorite Finalist for the Top 10 List starting November 24

You have until November 23rd to vote. But why put off till tomorrow what you can do today?


  1. Cute Blog. Looking forward to your post.

  2. FUN! I just voted for you!

    When it asked me why your site I said...

    It is a creative, interesting, honest and fun marriage spot in blog land with a lovely look! :)

    Best of luck to you, Gwen!!!

    Liesl :)



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