Ask the Audience -- Lingerie

Some women tell me they don't like to wear lingerie. When I dig deeper, a lot of them just don't know what style of lingerie to wear or what looks good on them. I'm not a style expert so I thought I'd ask you what you've found.

I think if you feel comfortable and sexy, it will show in how you carry yourself and you will look sexy no matter what you're wearing- or not wearing.

There are lots of different styles and fabrics. For example, I've noticed that lace and sheer fabrics can be really forgiving of stretch marks and other skin imperfections and baby dolls can be worn throughout a pregnancy.

What do you suggest for different body shapes?

To get you thinking...

Here are some body shapes:
Inverted Triangle

And here are some lingerie styles:
Baby Doll
Halter neck
Peignoir Set
Knee length
Floor length

Comment with your suggestions and findings.

Let us know if one of you experts wants to do a guest post about this!


  1. I made it a point to start wearing lingerie to bed every night (except when aunt flow comes to visit). I generally wear chemises as they are cool and comfortable but I also own a corset and babydoll when I need to jazz things up :)

  2. French Maid, perhaps?April 12, 2011 at 7:38 AM

    You forgot costumes! I surprise my husband by wearing a costume (and a shamefully terrible accent!) every once in a while and he LOVES it!

    Costumes can be really cheap and fun! And there are tons of themes to go with!

  3. I think I own everything on that list plus some costumes! I wear lingerie often but probably not often enough. When I do put forth that extra effort, I feel attractive and very feminine, plus my hubby loves it!

  4. When I wear lingerie I usually don't really care about style because my husband is the only one who will see me in it and he doesn't care about style, he just gets excited that I am actually wearing lingerie! So when I shop for lingerie I look for things my hubs will like rather than what will "flatter" me.

  5. I get irritated that most lingerie comes with the matching size in the top & the bottom. I wear a L top and an XS bottom - so you can imagine what a L thong looks like (okay, so maybe you shouldn't - sorry for the mental picture!). Anyway, I find myself usually substituting some undies that I already own in with the lingerie top.

  6. Go to a small locally owned adult store, rather than a big chain. Typically they will have someone help you who can give you advice on what style would fit you.

  7. Ugh, it was so difficult for me when we were engaged because I am soooooooo flat chested that nothing with a cup would fit. So I went with a lace that was stretchy. This way I still felt sexy and feminine. Also high heels and thigh highs add a nice spice. I really favor anything with details on the panties... that is where he wants to go the most so if nothing fit on top I would make it more fun from the waist down ahahahhaha.

  8. PS I some times will wear my lingerie under my clothes when we go on dates. It is a nice surprise for him.

  9. I love wearing lingerie for my husband; it makes me feel sexy and seductive. I've been to even just pair a really cute, detailed bra with matching panties because my collection is quite small and I need to mix it up. I'm with McKinley, only I don't use the words "flat-chested"; I like to call it "petite and perky". ;) Stretchy lace is where it's at in my case for tops.

  10. My staple sexy PJ's when it's chilly outside are boy shorts and thigh-highs so I don't have to freeze while trying to look sexy in a nighty and also not being a frump in sweatpants. American Aparrel has an awesome selection of thigh highs and my hubby LOVES them. He actually prefers this look over anything lacy! :)

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