Couple Sleep Positions

What's your couple sleep position?

We usually start in the Sweetheart's Cradle until he falls asleep, then I roll over to my side of the bed. He likes to be close and I like to breathe my own air to sleep. We're usually doing the Leg Hug by morning.

Some researchers came up with fun explanations for each position. You can read about them here.


  1. We usually start out snuggling (either Sweetheart's Cradle, the Spoon, or the Pursuit), but when we're ready to actually go to sleep we're either not touching at all or just Leg Hugging. I tend to sleep on my stomach which isn't a very cuddly position. LOL

  2. Oh my hubby and I are sooo the Cliff Hanger!! I cannot sleep if we're cuddling. He's like sleeping with a heater! :) Is that bad?

  3. DH and I are cliff hangers, too! We get waaaayyy to hot to be snuggled up together. My DH is also a heater.
    I would like to be leg hugging, but DH does not even like to be touched at all when he's sleeping *sigh*.


  4. we start of spoon then end up in cliff hanger!

  5. I think we usually start off in Sweetheart's Cradle and end up in Zen Style. Although I know we have slept in several of these!

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