Feelin' Sexy Friday: Boudoir Pictures

I realize Boudoir Photos could be controversial.
Do you think it's okay to show so much skin to somebody who is not your husband?
Have you had a good or bad experience?
What about your husband?

Boudoir Pictures could be a great gift for your spouse and seem to be becoming more popular. Recently, I've seen a lot of deals for these on my local Groupon and other deal sites.

These are a great gift for a spouse that's going away on deployment or a business trip, a memento of your young body, a fun surprise, or an idea for a girls night.

There can be a lot of variety in boudoir pictures.

If you're a bit camera shy you could just do some digital pictures with your girl friends or ask others about photographers they've used.

You could even set up timed pictures and do them yourself. If you're doing them yourself, turn the flash off and maybe have some candles or soft lighting. It'll leave a soft, subtle glow and be forgiving of any imperfections you worry about.

You choose the level of nudity you are comfortable with. I've seen some really classy boudoir photos where they're still sexy but have some mystery.

You can choose the style you'd like. For example, vintage pinup style may be better for those of you that have a few more curves since that's the style anyway.

You can do them inside, use your bedroom, outside or in a studio setting.

Mix up what you're wearing. You could gradually lose clothing in each picture or just have a variety of outfits you wear or don't wear.

It's all about attitude. Be confident and comfortable. If you feel sexy, you'll look sexy.


  1. I personally feel that these types of photos are just fine. I do feel however that they should be kept between husband and wife (or partners, or whatever). I feel like it is very in-appropriate to share them publicly (at least the more scandalous ones anyway). I had a friend on facebook who thought it appropriate to post all her boudoir photos online for EVERYONE to see. Not only was she hardly wearing anything but in some she was completely nude (hands strategically placed of course). I thought it was extremely in-appropriate as everyone on facebook could see them including my husband and my little brother. It was in no way a matter of jealousy but mostly just disgust. Does she not realize that she just took her clothes off for most of the internet world? And i'm sorry I dont want my little siblings seeing that let alone myself. And i think it is totally weird that her husband would be ok with that as well. Yeah...weird. Sure honey go strip for all my friends! Keep them to yourselves people!

  2. I really like the idea of boudoir photos, especially classic pinup style ones. The biggest thing stopping me is that I have no idea how to even go about getting them or doing them. I also think they should be kept between you and your spouse. Posting them for everyone is just a mild form of pornography. After seeing this post I might start looking into this more!

  3. I agree with both comments. Also the classic pinups are not only sexy but totally adorable. I wish I was brave enough. I would probably feel better with a professional photographer.

  4. Posting your boudoir photos online is foolish. If you do it, just be sure to assume that everyone will have access to them - ex's, future bosses, your mother in law - anyone. I know for a fact that my bosses have looked up facebook pages and googled prospective employees names. Boudoir photos are fine - just keep them private :)

  5. My wife had some boudoir photos done and I think they are awesome. She used a professional female photographer although it would not really have worried me had it been a male photographer either, as long as it was a professional shoot.

    I can understand why some would think they are pornography if shared with others, but can also understand why a woman might be proud of the photos (although no one has seen my wife's photos other than me, her mom and a couple of her girlfriends, the fact that at 45, after 6 kids she can still look hot and sexy is a real confidence boost)

  6. I LOVE the idea of doing a boudoir shoot and plan on doing one soon! I think it's a great way to celebrate the sensual/erotic side of me and my marriage. Great post!

  7. I am a professional photographer, and I do these shoots all the time. I love it and think it is a way to share the intimacy and sexiness between a couple. I would highly recommend it to anyone. All I have to say though is be careful of GWC's (Guys with Cameras). Do your homework and make sure the photog is reputable and professional.

  8. Ridgeridin - where are you located and do you have a website or something?

  9. I am actually in Montana. I do have a website, but I don't have those photos on there. I want my website to be as neutral as possible. If would like to email me, I will be happy to talk with you. It is "myusername"13 and I am at gmail.

  10. We'Ve taken our own boudoir shots but I'd love to have some professionally done. Has anyone who's done think it was a good experience?

  11. Yes, it was a real confidence booster

  12. I LOVED my shoot. It was very fun and sexy.

  13. Sexy boudoir helps one to see your side of intimacy, style with love. Please anyone recommend a photographer to take sexy pictures as a gift to my fiancee.

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