Get A Bra that Fits

80-85% of women are wearing the wrong bra size!
Are you one of them?

Signs your bra doesn't fit:
  1. You "pop out" the top of your bra. Your breasts are spilling over the cup. Put on a tight tshirt and test it out. Does your breast look round or is it lumpy spilling out of the top of your bra?
  2. Your bra puckers and wrinkles in the cups. You can grab a section of your bra and not have any breast in there. Or you bend over and your bra is falling out of your bra.
  3. Your bra band rides up your back throughout the day. You shouldn't have to readjust and pull it down.
  4. The under wire isn't flat against your ribs or skin. Even in the middle between your breasts, it should lay flat.
  5. It's digging into your shoulders or back and causing the look of major back or shoulder fat.
Discovering your bra size
  1. Using a soft tape measure, measure around your rib cage just below your breasts. Add 4 inches and round up to the nearest even number.
  2. Using a soft tape measure, measure around the largest part of your breasts over the nipples.
  3. Subtract the difference between this number and your band measurement.Then find the match: A=1", B=2", C=3", D=4" etc.
For example, if you measure a 27" around your ribs then your band size is likely a 32. If your breast size is is 36" then you'd be a 32D.

Wearing the right size bra adds so much confidence. Plus, it can make you look like you've lost weight (10-20lbs for some!). There are certain styles, fabrics and types of bras that are suggested depending on your size and body type. Go meet with a professional for some suggestions or check out The Lingerie Handbook for some tips.


  1. I'm a 30 band, I wore a 32 for years and only discovered that a 30 exists a few weeks ago. I'm 5' 10" so it's not like I was frequenting the petite sections anywhere. I must admit, finding the correct bra size is one of the happiest discoveries I've made in years.

  2. Ok - I think this is the best place I can think of to ever ask this question! But the ladies sag, you know? Do I measure how big the big/breast measurement is if I push 'em up? Or do I measure around the nipples down where they hang natural....?

  3. @Anonymous 6:09
    Your measurement is probably somewhere in between hanging low and pushed up. Getting a pushed up measurement might be difficult. Try on a bra with a very sheer lining and see how the cup size fits and go from there. Sometimes, it's trial and error, but it's completely worth it once you get a bra that fits right!
    I'd suggest getting one that's a bit more lined and with underwire around and between the breasts, but talk to a bra specialist. Once you get the band measurement right, you'll find you have a ton more support and look more perky.

  4. I'm a 34DDD and I had been wearing a 36C or 36D for the longest time. I went to Nordstrom and had a great experience getting a bra fitting. They had a great variety of bras- even some that were cute, sexy and feminine in my size!
    I picked this one for my daily bra because I love the memory foam bra: http://shop.nordstrom.com/S/chantelle-intimates-c-paris-t-shirt-bra/3173566?origin=category&resultback=1864

  5. I've always worn the wrong size and I know it. But as a 34DDD it's impossible to find a bra in my size that is also in my price range. So I go for the sister size 36DD, which is still way to difficult to find cheaply.

  6. Where is the bra in the picture from? I love it!!

  7. This is a must. You look and feel better once you have the right bra on.

  8. @Anonymous 6:58
    I just found a picture of the bra on Pinterest/Tumblr. I can't find the original link.



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