Challenging the Media on Body Image

As women, I'm sure we can all agree that having a positive body image is SO hard! It's hard to think we look good when we're constantly getting message from media and even other people that we don't look right. Maybe, you're not happy with the size of our chest or waist or hips or something else- it's too small, it's too big, it's too lumpy. Maybe, you've even gained a few stretch marks from childbearing. Maybe, you think it's not worth it to try and look sexy because you have no hope. Maybe, you think that you should turn off the lights and get under the covers before your man catches a glimpse of you before you make love.

I'm inviting you to learn to love your body!

Challenge the false messages that you get from the media and others. There is no way that you can possibly look like that swimsuit model on the cover of Sports Illustrated. She doesn't even really look like that. Don't beat yourself up for the impossible. Next time you see an ad, pick it apart. You know it's fake. Do a little google search of photoshopped models before and after. See the differences yourself.
Before & After
Waist, breasts, legs, skin tone...

I've heard so many men say they wish their wives could just see themselves through their eyes. Your guy loves you and he loves your body.

Your body turns him on so show it to him!


  1. I recently wrote a post about how I want to quit buying the media's lies about how I should dress and look. I think more women need to embrace themselves and what God gave them! Great post!

  2. sure. but i hate the "here's the before picture, feel better about yourself!" campaigns. because i have no hope of even looking like the BEFORE picture. and then i feel even worse.

  3. I think every woman needs to watch at least one episode of Carson Kressley's "How to Look Good Naked" because he takes real women with real bodies and shows them that they are beautiful without changing a thing about their bodies. We women in general are much too hard on ourselves, we think our bodies are bigger, lumpier, and just worse in general then we really are and being to hard on ourselves never helped anyone improve anything.

    Thanks for reminding us that our husbands love all of us not just the "pretty bits".

  4. i second that!! :) "how to look good naked" is awesome. i was skeptical but after watching several episodes, i started feeling really good about myself--the way I am right NOW. not with a flatter stomach, smaller chest, or toned thighs. it's a really neat show and i love how he opens our eyes to how other people see us (hint: they're not nearly as critical!!)

    it is [really] hard to understand that our men love us the way we are though. i see models and actresses (and even women on the street) and think, "how could he not wish i looked like that?" but that's doing him (and myself) a disservice. we really need to just let. it. go. and stop obsessing over the idealized image of ourselves that we cling to, or we'll spend the rest of our lives hiding and unhappy.

  5. @Suzy, you're right. Most of is will never look like models and actresses. I've heard that only 3% of women "naturally" have the body for that business. At some point, we just have to have confidence and be proud of what we have with no comparisons to anyone else.

  6. I did a Google search of before and afters and while I knew about photoshopping, I really was shocked at the degree of it that is done. Wow! One I found of Faith Hill was beautiful before, but they couldn't leave it alone and so her picture is just fake.

    One of the reasons I NEVER buy women's magazines is because they all make us feel inadequate one way or another. And now I see it's worse than I ever imagined.

    Don't forget: Your man doesn't want your body to be photoshop perfect. He just wants your real naked body pressed against him.

  7. I have a hard time with this one. My husband tells me I am beautiful all the time. But then he makes comments about people just a little older than me about how they don't look good anymore, or he comments on others people gaining weight... I feel like if I gain a pound, he is going to notice, or if i get wrinkle he is going to notice.

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  8. @Anonymous 3:13
    Has your husband seen you go through any physical changes yet and how has he reacted? Have you expressed your concerns with him? I'd challenge you to have an honest conversation. Tell him how it makes you feel when he makes comments like that and what you fear.
    Do you ever make comments like that about men? How does/would that make him feel?
    As a side note, I've found that men in general are very aware of other women and how they look, but they somehow can compartmentalize and REALLY believe their wife is beautiful. My guess is that as you age and your body changes, he will still want you and find you attractive.

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