Christmas Lingerie

Most men go crazy over something red in their woman's bedroom wardrobe. Christmas is a great time to find good deals on holiday and basic red lingerie.
Yandy has an assortment of lingerie and costumes for everyone and most are 50% off right now! {There's free shipping for orders over $70 and same day shipping so you have time to get these before Christmas. Returns are easy and delivery is discrete.}

They have this for $119 and this for only $19.95 and whole variety of items in between. You could even slip something like this under your dress for the annual Christmas party and give him a nice surprise when you get home. This would also be perfect for spicing up The 12 Lays of Christmas.

Remember to find something that accentuates your best features, have confidence in whatever you wear and enjoy taking control. Most women said wearing something sexy and acting flirtatious helps boost their libido so give it a try!

How do you best enjoy wearing lingerie?
What tips do you have for those that are a bit shy about it?


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