What Helps Boost Your Libido?

Due to demand, I've created a poll to hear what you do to increase your sex drive.

Feel free to share ideas in the comments!
What helps boost your libido?
Exercising regularly
Talking myself into enjoying it
Eating Healthy
Boosting my self-esteem/self-image
Taking supplements and/or medication
Sensate Focus
Dressing sexy
Practicing on my own
Initiating and taking control
I can't figure out anything that works, yet
I don't need any boost in my libido! It works just fine!
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  1. For me it was coming to terms with my own responsibility for my sexual fulfillmet. I used to see sex as something I had to give other people (husband) to make them happy. I always resnted that and therefore I avoided sex and did not enjoy it. Now I see it in a much more healthy perspective. I understand that I need to be in control of the situation, the timing, the activities and the duration. When I am in control I can relax and actually enjoy myself and... orgasm! When I'm having fun he is having so much more fun, so it works for both of us. Fantasy has played a huge part in bringing me to this newfound confidence.

    Incidentally. I love the polls. I love having a say and I love to see what other people out there are thinking/feeling. Thanks!

  2. Reading something sexy helps me....i.e. romance novel.

  3. As men get older, they experience a drop in their testosterone levels. HGH or human growth hormone levels also begin plunging and this gives rise to a series of body and behavior changes in men that are marked with low libido, erectile problems, weight gain, low semen production etc.



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