Feelin' Sexy Friday -- Makeup

I just bought myself some new makeup. I love getting all dolled up and trying out new looks. Sometimes, if I'm feeling down, I just walk into the bathroom and put on some makeup. It can really make me feel like a million bucks. Sure maybe it seems a bit conceited, but I LOVE it and the effect it has on me is just amazing!

I love that some companies are making Kits that teach you new looks.

Thanks to Pinterest I've been finding a lot of suggestions, tips and tricks.

Do you wear makeup regularly?
What's your favorite look?


  1. I like wearing makeup, but my husband prefers me without it! I'm a lucky girl, right?

    Now that I'm married, I generally don't wear anything, with the exception of a tinted lip balm. (It's the covergirl one in the slim green tube - I'm a huge fan.)

    I'm sure that'll change when I'm older (I'm only 22) - but I'll go au naturel as long as I can get away with it :)

  2. I try to wear makeup often, but some days it's a drag. My makeup is usually really bold and my husband loves it. He prefers me with makeup (but only because I feel better about myself when I wear it). I actually have a makeup blog: http://www.betteroffredhead.blogspot.com

    It's become an addiction. LOL

  3. Yes! I love Pinterest for these makeup and hair ideas. Such great fun stuff that I can use for date night or anything else that comes up! :)



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