New Positions

Have you been looking for something to mix things up a bit? Check this out for some book recommendations and brief descriptions of sex positions.

Here are some illustrations for visual learners. These are sketches so they're not too explicit, but you've been warned. Hereherehere and here.

Also, here are some descriptions of good positions for getting pregnant for those of you that might be interested. *Edit: And here are some descriptions of good positions while you're pregnant because having a protruding belly really demands some creativity in the bedroom.

Trying new positions can be a fun way to spice up your sex life. It can end up being really erotic, really funny or both. Next time you're in bed, surprise him with some new moves or make a suggestion to try something new.

What's your favorite position? 
What's the one you've had the most fun trying?


  1. I enjoy whenever his body covers most of my body... I guess I miss him too much :) Especially on a cold winters night like this, his warmth is the number one thing that turns me on. Simple, but honest.

  2. How about positions for while you are currently pregnant? Sex is getting harder with this growing belly.

  3. @Anonymous! Good point. I'll add some on to the post.
    This has a great list: http://www.ivillage.com/sex-positions-during-pregnancy/6-a-126791



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