Make the First Move

Often in a rut in marriage, a person can get stuck in thinking that every problem is because of their spouse. "We wouldn't be like this if he didn't ____", "We'd be better off if she'd just _____", "I'll do ___ when he finally does _____" etc.

The problem is, relationships don't work like that. You can't just sit around wishing for your spouse to change. Both of you contribute to how the relationship is going. If you change a little bit, it's likely going to impact how the two of you interact together. If you change for the better, things will start to change. It may take lot of effort. It may even take time.

Do you want your marriage to last? Do you truly unconditionally love your spouse? Are you willing to stick with them through thick and thin? Are you willing to work hard to make your marriage the best it could possibly be?

Start trying a little more. Push yourself to show him you love him- even when he's driving you crazy that day. Remember those little romantic gestures he used to do for you when you were first married? Why don't you try doing some for him? Don't wait for him to make the first move. You can help make your marriage stronger and even better no matter where it currently is. There is always hope and room for improvement.

Want some guidelines of what to do and where to start? Check out The Love Dare. It's a 40-day challenge to start practicing unconditional love.



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