Pregnancy -- Sex Positions

The third trimester of pregnancy may seem to last forever. If you haven't been uncomfortable during pregnancy yet, you probably will experience some odd body changes during the final trimester that make everything a bit more difficult... or at least different.

Sex can be difficult to figure out because your body is changing and more sensitive. Plus, it's like you're making love around a basketball and that just sounds difficult-right?!

Sex Positions During Pregnancy (more here)
Women on Top/ Cowgirl- woman sitting practically upright on top
Reverse Cowgirl- woman sitting on top facing toward his feet
The New Missionary Position- woman on her back with legs drawn in. If you are past the first trimester make sure that you prop yourself up at an angle with some pillows and don't lie flat.
Side by Side- facing each other (can be difficult if you have a big bump). You may need to pull in a leg or throw a leg on top of him.
Spooning- he enters from behind you while laying on your side
Sitting- man's sitting down in chair or on side of bed and woman sits on top
Sitting- women sitting on edge of bed/chair with man kneeling
Rear Entry- you can do this in the shower or against a wall or with woman laying on her stomach or have her on all fours

What's your favorite position while pregnant?


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  2. Great survey Heather. I think I've been pretty different than most since I've had a really strong libido throughout pregnancy.

  3. My sex drive has been very high with this pregnancy. But, my husband wont lay a hand on me! He says he just feels weird, like he is hurting me or something. I have tried to initiate things a few times, and he just wants to "cuddle" which is very unlike him. lol. Usually I am fighting him off all day :). This is kind of frustrating me since I am really in the mood. What can I do to help change his view on sex while I'm pregnant?

  4. @Anonymous 10:14
    My husband was like that, too, during the first pregnancy. He came to all of the doctor's appointments with me and at one of them I had the doctor tell him that it is okay to have sex with me- even being on top and everything. The doctor even went on to say that it's good for the mom and the baby and sometimes it even helps put the baby to sleep later in pregnancy. AND it can help labor and delivery go better.
    I also had him look up information and I tried to make sure I wasn't complaining about being too much in pain or too uncomfortable because that would feed into his fear of hurting me or baby. I had to initiate 90% of the time while pregnant and that helped him relax a bit too.

  5. I'm going try some of these suggestions :)

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