God, Allah, or Conan O'Brien - Sexual Satisfaction In Marriage

Church going girls often "save” themselves for marriage. (I wrote about why I admire this trait here.) I recently read a study done in January 2010 by the Universities of Florida and Wisconsin called Religiosity and the Sexuality of Women: Sexual Behavior and Sexual Satisfaction Revisited. In the group of women studied, the average age of women to first have intercourse who attended church on a weekly basis was 20 years. In contrast, the average age of women who did not attend church was 18.3 years. If your sexual and marital goals are similar to mine, this makes a compelling argument for church attendance.

Hooray for church-going girls! But why do most church-going girls want to wait? What is the end goal? Why does God want us to wait?

I believe it is because He wants us to be closer to our husbands and more fully enjoy the benefits of love and sex. He wants to maximize our sexual freedom and pleasure and not limit us.

It seems we easily forget this and become frigid “good girls” who hang onto the notion that we must wait for sex. Breath my married BFF’s, the wait is over. You’re married now. Having sexual thoughts and feelings is being a good girl. Sex is one of the most powerful tools to improve your relationship, to bond it, and to share yourself exclusively with your husband. God-fearing women should know this. However, the study mentioned above concluded that non-church goers are more satisfied with their sex lives. Marital sexual satisfaction for non-church goers is 5.13 out of 6. Marital sexual satisfaction for church goers is 4.77. It seems to me that we are missing the point.

Are you sexually and emotionally satisfied in your marriage? Wouldn’t you like to be more than merely satisfied? How do you reach Aphrodite status?

Read and learn about it in a comfortable environment, open dialogue with your hubby, and then, my favorite -- practice!

Whether you believe in God, Allah, or Conan O'Brien, we all want to be closer to our husbands. Here we go.

Are you in?

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  1. Agreed. This non-church going girl could use some more lovin'... LOL!

  2. Cracks me up, I love it, Jenn. Glad you are here.

  3. Thanks, Gwen, for sharing these findings. Interesting and sad (though not totally surprising) that church-goers experience less sexual satisfaction. I'm with you, it should be the opposite!

    PS Do you have a link to this study? I'd be curios to dig into the details of the findings and in a cursory search couldn't locate it.

  4. Thanks, Scott. Here is the link:



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