The Art of Seduction

You can't expect your man to be raring to go every time you are. Sometimes a little bit of seduction is in order.

In case you need a bit of help, here's...

Gwen's Guide to Seducing Your Husband
  1. Hanes may be Her way but they certainly aren't his. Ditch the granny panties and upgrade to something a little bit more alluring.
  2. Walk the Walk, Talk the Talk. Play the part, girl, and flaunt what you've got.
  3. Don't be a Sheepish Lambert shyly alluding to a romantic encounter. Come out roaring. Tell your man what you want and go get it. What are you waiting for?
  4. Strip down and sneak around. Fire up a game of cat and mouse. Allow a kiss or touch then scamper away leaving him aching for more. Avoid jumping into your regular "routine."
  5. You're Columbus and he's the New World. Take a tour and explore. Then let him have a turn aboard the Santa Maria.

Your turn. How do you seduce your man?


  1. I think I could wear a paper bag and my husband would still jump at the opportunity! haha. But these are cute suggestions! : )

  2. I LOVE the last tip about columbus LOL!! Too funny!

  3. hehe yes, absolutely clever comparison ;). Here I am taking notes for when the right time comes :D.

  4. I have to agree with Ashley! I would like to know where these men are that DON'T want it all the time!

  5. I agree with Ashley too! I snuggle up next to my hubby and he's turned on!

  6. He's easy, but sometimes when he's tired, I have to try a little harder to seduce him:

    - Neck kisses are always a winner

    - Lightly biting his bottom lip turns "just a kiss" into "lets do this!"

    - A seemingly innocent back massage with straying hands.

    I subscribe to The Generous Wife emails, and its helped me to be more generous with seduction. Putting in the extra effort tells him he's worth it.

  7. My husband is like Ashley's LOL
    Honestly I just need to start undressing and he is ready! I also have no inhibitions about walking through the house in a thong only or nude so maybe that is it.

  8. I totally agree about the granny panties - my guys HATES them! BUT anything red and he's all mine. The skimpier the better. I like to lead up all day with sexy text messages telling him what I'm going to do to him later.



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