Back To School Shopping

Whether you are going back to school this September or not, this is a fabulous excuse to spruce up your wardrobe and give a fresh new look to your love life. But instead of (or maybe in addition to) new boots and that rockin' pair of skinny jeans you've been eyeing, head for the uniform. Neck ties and plaid.

"How could Gwen possibly think I would feel sexy strutting around the office/mall/movie theater in a drab and plaid school girls uniform?"

Umm, hello?! You won't be wearing your new back to school uniform to the park/restaurant/school. This is bedroom attire, girls. Have you not seen this Britney Spears video?!

Boys go crazy for this stuff. Seduce his pants off sister. Do you remember our talk about Victoria's Secret? Well, this is one of those items that Victoria may not have lying around for you. I've found the most affordable and most adorable sexy school girl outfits here. But whether you create your ensemble out of his old work shirt and tie or you buy a sassy little thing, try creating a back to school experience for your husband that he'll never forget. And it's ok if you feel a little bit silly. It'll be fun to have a good laugh together. Step outside the box, girls, and learn something new this school year :)


If I remember right, school is a fabulous place for flirting...

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  1. A little school girl goes a long way in the bedroom.



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