Statistics on Sexuality



Many surveys have been conducted regarding sexuality.
  • Kinsey Report (1947): Sample of 18,000, sample of convenience
  • Masters and Johnson (1960’s): Small sample, lab setting, convenience sample
  • Shere Hite Report (1976): Sample of 3,000, 3% return, women’s magazine subscribers
  • Redbook: 2% return of 4,700,000 readers
  • Janus Report (1993): sent to 4550, 2795 returned-61% return
  • Several European and U.S. studies in 1990’s
People often wonder what's "normal". For the sake of these statistics, we will use the National Health and Social Life Survey from 1990. It's one of the best studies completed so far.
  • Sample of 3,432, Ages 18-59, randomly sampled, 90 minute interviews in home & has published findings in two books (The Social Organization of Sexuality and Sex in America)
Here are some findings:
  • We marry people like ourselves-class, age, religion, ethnicity, educational background—also seems to be true in terms of sexual practice
  • 75% of Americans report high satisfaction with their sex life
  • 84% of couples fantasize during intercourse
Thinking About Sex
Every Day
  • 54% Men
  • 19% Women
Few Times/Month
  • 43% Men
  • 67% Women
Less than 1/mo or never
  • 4% Men
  • 1% Women

  • Frequency
    • Married: 7.3%
    • Single: 7.0%
    • Married: 36.1%
    • Single: 28.3%
    Few Times/Month
    • Married: 42.5%
    • Single: 36.2%
    Few times/Year
    • Married: 12.8%
    • Single: 17.2%
    Not at all
    • Married: 1.3%
    • Single: 11.9%
    Never Had an Affair
    • Men: 65-85%
    • Women: 80%
    Duration of Sexual Interaction
    Less than 15mins
    • 11% Men
    • 15% Women
    15-60 Mins
    • 69% Men
    • 71% Women
    More than 60mins
    • 20% Men
    • 15% Women
    Frequency of Orgasm
    • 75% Men
    • 29% Women
    • 20% Men
    • 42% Women
    • 3% Men
    • 21% Women
    • 2% Men
    • 8% Women
    Physically Pleased
    • 47% Men
    • 40% Women
    Emotionally Satisfied
    • 41% Men
    • 38% Women
    Practices Found Enjoyable
    Vaginal Intercourse
    • 83% Men
    • 78% Women
    Receiving Oral Sex
    • 50% Men
    • 33% Women
    Giving Oral Sex
    • 33% Men
    • 37% Women
    25% of both men and women have tried anal intercourse at least once

    Sexual Dysfunction
    3% of men and 14% of women reported pain during intercourse
    8% of men and 21% of women reported that sex was not pleasurable
    8% of men and 24% of women had been unable to have an orgasm
    16 of men and 33 % of women reported lack of interest in sex
    17% of men and 33% of women reported performance anxiety
    28% of men and 10% of women reported that they climaxed too soon

    If you're happy with your sex life, that's all that matters, These are just numbers.

    Do you feel like you have a better-than-"normal" rockin' hot sex life?


    1. I was just thinking I sure miss Gwen in Love posts!! Really interesting post. Some of these stats are so surprising and a little sad. Only 29% of women always have orgasms! That needs to improve ;)

    2. Really, really informative statistics. I don't like the 29% stat either! The "thinking about sex" stat makes sense. I've seen recently how thinking about sex more often during the day improves all the other areas of my sex life.

    3. Such interesting stats, I am seriously shocked! I was telling my husband some of these and he said he read the exact same ones too (not on your blog though). Seriously, these stats are the reason why blogs like this need to exist. Thanks for sharing!!

      Ohhh I wanted to share with you, that I read once, in marriages where one or both spouses fake orgasms it will cause more harm to their relationship. Meaning that there are more conflicts and misunderstandings. Makes sense to me why that would happen.

    4. I think that my love life with the hubby is pretty rockin. I am sure that he would like it to rock a little more, but we are still hot.

    5. The 29% stat isn't great, but I feel so badly for the 8% of women who NEVER orgasm and the 21% that only sometimes. And compare that to only 2% and 3% for men!

    6. Just found your site today! I'll be following!



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