Faking Orgasms

Are you guilty? Why do you do it?

Instead of faking next time, actually enjoy a good orgasm (or two or three or more!). Remember, that it's estimated that only 8% of women will never be able to achieve orgasm. So you will likely be able to figure it out.

Here's how you can:
  1. Practice on your own
  2. Mutual Masturbation
  3. Practice Sensate Focus
  4. Tell him what you like before, during or after
Check out this post for more ideas


  1. So I think an orgasm may be too intense for me . . . what would you suggest?

  2. Practicing on my own was the best thing I've ever done. Although kind if taboo for LDS women, it has helped me so much... It's fun, has so many benefits that both my husband and I enjoy now.

    If you struggle orgasming with your husband I totally Reccomend it!

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  4. With previous relationships, I faked orgasms often. But since being married, I never have! I just feel so comfortable and open with my husband that I have never made myself feel like I needed to. If I'm not into something, I just tell him.

    Before I got married, I would fake them mostly because I wanted it to be over or didn't want to be with the guy intimately anyways! Or maybe just to make him feel good, because his skills were lacking and let's be honest, an orgasm wasn't happening anytime soon!
    Being honest is better for the soul!

  5. I promised my husband when we met that I would never fake an orgasm with him and I never have. Now he knows me and my body so well that I couldn't fake it even if I wanted to.

    I was talking to an acquaintance at a get together (she had a little too much wine that night) and she confessed to me that she had never had an orgasm with her husband, that she faked it every time. I told her to stop that immediately, explain to her husband what was going on and apologize. Then the two of them could go about figuring out how to get her there. Faking just isn't fair! To either person! I don't know if she followed my advice or not. I've seen her socially since then, but she's never gotten drunk enough to talk about it again, ha ha!

  6. @Jayme
    Have you had an orgasm and felt it was too intense so now you try not have one or have you never had one?
    Maybe try it on your own or guide your husband to what feels good. Your husband will LOVE it!
    Most women that don't enjoy orgasms say it's because they hate "losing control" over themselves. Make sure you are in a very trustful and loving relationship and can speak what you need and want. Then learn what works, relax and enjoy.

  7. I have done this in previous relationships. My hubby has learned what I like and do not like and I have no problem reaching orgasm.

  8. I think the best thing is definitely practicing on oneself to help then
    Woman enjoy it!! Good for you annonymous!!

  9. Gwen~ Do you still accept guest posters once in a while?

  10. @Anonymous 2:07
    Yes! We still accept guest posters. Feel free to email alyssamft@gmail.com or gwenisinlove@gmail.com with your post and we'll see what we can work out.

  11. What happened to Gwen??



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