Great Gift Idea: Fulfilling Fantasies

A reader suggested,

"I think a great holiday gift for a spouse would be a fulfilled fantasy. You could wrap an empty box and when they open it, tell them they get to choose the fantasy that you will fulfill. If you are nervous that they will choose something that you aren't ready for then perhaps you could make a little coupon book of the ones you are ready for."

I LOVE this idea! Fulfilling fantasies is a great way to add a little variety, increase closeness and have some fun. You can get some ideas here and here. If you need costumes, lingerie or toys try here and here.

What other hot ideas do you have?


  1. The coupon book is a super idea. I had a friend who made a coupon book with one page for each of her sexiest lingerie outfits. On special days she would put the book out in the morning where her hubby would see it. He would then earmark any one he wanted and when he got home she would be wearing it. I think it would be a great idea to extend that to fantasies, toys, locations or other activities.

  2. I wonder if some people don't really know what a fantasy is. Many religious women are brought up to not even think about sex and therefore may not have any fantasies. In reality, a fantasy can be something as simple as wanting to kiss on the beach. Or it can be as complex and intense as wanting to perform a dance number in front of thousands of fans. There is a huge range of fantasies out there and we shouldn't be afraid of them. We cause stress in our relationships when we aren't willing to discuss or explore our parters' fantasies.



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