Shy Erotica

This list includes more mild forms of erotica and romance that you could use in your relationship.
  • Reminisce about how you fell in love. Tell him what you loved/love about him.
  • Public Displays of Affection. Hold hands, rub his back, play with his hair, nibble his ear, kiss etc.
  • Try to inconspicuously rub or grab his butt (or other things) while out.
  • Have a make out session. Better yet, make out somewhere outside of your home.
  • Write love notes on the shower wall.
  • Get dressed in front of your husband in the morning. Ask him to help you put your bra on.
  • Plan a relaxing night in. Send the kids away.
  • Get out for a couples massage.
  • Massage each other at home.
  • Send him out on a mission to choose some lingerie for you.
  • Go buy lingerie together.
  • Wear lingerie out on your date under your clothing and subtly give him a little sneak peek for when you get back home.
  • Do the housework in lingerie. Change in to your lingerie before he gets home from work.
  • Watch a romantic movie together.
  • Read a romantic book or poetry.
  • Do Sensate Focus.
  • Compile sensual music that gets you both in the mood.
  • Incorporate food (e.g. strawberries, whipped cream, honey)
  • Light some scented candles. Scents such as jasmine, lavender, and ylang ylang are said to be aphrodisiacs, but do your research.
  • Write love notes in emails or texts. Talk dirty.
  • Meet for your lunch break at home.
  • Take control of a sexual encounter.
I'm working on another list with some ideas that may require a bit more bravery and higher comfort level, but I thought I'd start by sharing this one.

What other suggestions do you have?


  1. These are great suggestions, Alyssa! I'm excited to see your list that requires a bit more bravery!

  2. Awesome list... I LOVE doing housework in lingerie! I feel sexy doing it and husband doesn't mind helping out with the chores :)

  3. I would love to walk around in lingerie. But the kids are ALWAYS HERE!

  4. These are some great ideas, thanks!

  5. Awesome post. I'm just now realizing that it's ok for me to be and feel sexual. Another great shy erotica recommendation was Nancy Friday's book "My Secret Garden."

  6. Black Swan
    My Summer of Love
    The Notorious Bettie Page
    Y Tu Mama Tambien
    The Last Mistress
    A few great mainstream movies that are good mild movies by themselves but still fun to watch for a date night!

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