What's your Fantasy?

A fantasy is just imagining or wishing for something that excites you.

Fantasies don't always have to be elaborate or impossible. Sometimes, it can be something small and simple. Everybody has fantasies. You are normal to have them. Some fantasies are similar to other people's and others are unique to only you.

Take control of your fantasies. Most readers said fantasizing helps boost their libido. Start simple. A fantasy could be the dream date you've always wanted. It could be taking charge with your husband and initiating a sexual encounter. It could be dressing up as Princess Leia to please your man (Anybody else watch Friends?) Thoughts can lead to action.

Sharing and fulfilling each other's fantasies not only adds closeness, but as brings a bit more excitement.

What are some of your fantasies?
As always, anonymous comments are welcome.


  1. Honestly, right now I have this fantasy of being able to make as much noise as I want without fear of the kids or the neighbors hearing me. We have had a shared wall for all of our marriage except one year, and we have three kids. I'm thinking that this year's couples getaway might need to involve a cabin in the middle of nowhere . . . Mommy needs to get past some inhibitions. LOL

  2. I agree with Erin. Right now, we live on the top floor and I worry we're going to bug the neighbors with any noise. Plus, waking the kids is also a worry.

    I think it'd be fun to have sex in a car somewhere, but I'd also be really nervous about being caught.

  3. Having sex in a car is really great fun once in a while, especially parked up in the mountains. I have a fantasy of having sex on a beach but we don't live near any, especially not the kind that you can get wild on. My DH has a fantasy of me kissing another woman but we both agree that it's fun as a fatnasy but that we don't have expectations of acting that one out. He also likes it when I "take charge" which took me a while to feel comfortable with. Now that I've gotten used to it I feel much more confident; it's kinda fun to get out the ropes once in a while and truss him up.



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