That Awkward Moment

... When your downstairs neighbors bang on the ceiling because you're being too loud.

The ironic part in this situation is that we had heard them a couple hours previously. And to make it even more funny (to me) is they are newlyweds. We've never, ever had somebody bang on the ceiling for us until now. We know what it's like to live beneath really loud people and try to be as discrete as possible. Maybe, it's time to try out a foam mattress- are those any better?

There must be some unwritten rules about situations like this, but just for fun, let's come up with our own.

  1. Have sex when and where you want in your own place. If you want it, go get it!
  2. If it's an awkward time of day/night, try to be discrete. Whisper, don't swing and jump off chandeliers, but it's understandable that there will likely be some noise.
  3. Don't yell and moan with the windows or door open.
  4. Don't yell and moan for minutes and minutes on end (e.g. 45 minutes straight). Some voice control is good.
  5. Try not to bang on the wall, headboard or footboard.
  6. If you hear your neighbors, give them adequate time to finish. Laugh about it or maybe partake of some fun of your own.
  7. Invest in a sound machine or sleep with a fan on to drown out potentially unwanted sounds.
There are actually some noise ordinance lawyers that you can look into if you're in a pretty bad situation.

Have you been the downstairs/next-door neighbor banging on the ceiling?

Have you ever had somebody bang on the ceiling hinting that you should quiet down?

What rules do you have about sex when living in close proximity to others?


  1. We had neighbors that were loud it got pretty annoying, my husband never noticed it but I would just go hang out in the living room for awhile until I thought they were done.
    We also had a roommate as well and had to learn to be very quiet. Foam mattress are really nice, comfortable and quiet as well. You can find them on amazon, some companies use the same foam as a Tempurpedic but for much less. Plus your back will love you for it.

  2. My husband & I share our home with my brother & SIL. We are both newly-ish-weds, and it can get quite awkward sometimes. Nothing like taking the "walk of shame" in your own house!

  3. Oh, this is too funny! Yep, we have neighbors that we hear every night (well they fought Sunday, and we haven't heard them since...) But it droves me crazy, especially when they wake up my little girls! But I'm never sure what to do since we see them at church etc... and I don't want it to be SUPER awkward... At least they keep it short, it's never more than 5 minutes! Makes me wonder if they ever hear my husband and I since we hear them so well...

  4. When we were first married we lived in an apartment where our downstairs neighbors bedroom was under our living room. There were some awkward moments but the worst happened on two separate occasions when my single friend stayed on our couch and when my husbands friend stayed on our couch. They both woke up in the morning and complained about how awkward it was for them. After that my husband who happened to be the manager of the apartments had to go and ask them to be more discreet because we couldn't have friends over in our living room otherwise. It was extremely awkward for him to do that, I pretty much sat in our living room and laughed the whole time he was over there talking to them about it. Even though it was awkward we could then have friends over without worry after that, which made it worth it.

  5. We lived for five years in the married student apartments of a Bible college. THANKFULLY we always had discreet neighbors. We had to get rid of the headboard on our bed b/c it wouldn't attach to the frame properly and it always made a ton of noise . . . but I have this horrible fear of being heard so we tend to be pretty quiet . . . I have a fantasy involving me, my husband, and the middle of nowhere . . . . LOL

  6. OH. MY. GOSH. We actually have renamed our upstairs neighbors "the Elephants" because they are so loud! It is so awful and horrifying and it sounds like a horror movie. I tend to have nightmares about it. I even wrote them a note letting them kindly know that we could hear e.v.e.r.y.t.h.i.n.g. and they were louder than ever. Talk about a slap in the face!

  7. Wow...we lived on the 2nd floor of a 3 story apartment so we got to hear our upstairs AND downstairs neighbors. The funniest thing happened though--(I'm laughing just thinking about it)--one time around like 3 am our downstairs neighbors were at it and all of the sudden we heard a HUGE CRASH and lots of cuss words...their bed broke!!! It ended that moment pretty fast. My husband was laughing so hard, I am sure they heard him. The next day my hubby was in turning something in to our apartment managers and the downstairs neighbor came in to ask the manager if he knew where a good lumber store was because "for some reason" their bed broke. I am pretty sure my husband ran out of there as fast as he could so they wouldn't hear him cracking up.
    Needless to say, we try to be pretty quiet most of the time.

  8. We have had to be a lot more discrete recently than ever before. We have 2 young kids who don't what those sounds mean... But then we gained custody of a teenage boy. It has been quite the adjustment.



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