To Zap or Not to Zap? -- Laser Hair Removal

I'm curious, how many of you would use or have used laser hair removal?

I've been seeing a lot of Groupons and other daily deals for laser hair removal lately. I've been pretty old fashioned in how I remove hair and I'm still somewhat skeptical about the hair actually staying away with laser removal.

I've heard it feels a bit like being zapped by a rubber band, but they can get about a one-inch square with each zap. No pain, no gain-right?

What are your thoughts on the Brazilian? I kind of like the option of knowing I can grow hair if I want to. Plus, when my girls go through puberty I don't want them to think they're crazy weird aliens. Husband is more for well-groomed hair because he doesn't want to feel like I'm a prepubescent girl and he thinks if he's going to expect me to be bare then I should probably expect something of him, too.

These are the current results from our sidebar poll:
How do you care for the hair down there?

All natural. Easy and free.
  88 (20%)
Just bikini line.
  193 (45%)
I'm a Brazilian Goddess.
  116 (27%)
Hair where?! What? I'm so confused!
  31 (7%)

If you've had laser hair removal done, how have you liked the results?

Do you think the Brazilian is just a trend or will it last?


  1. I had only a couple of sessions done on my legs and even with just that I have loved the results because I have to shave less often but I have to say that there are now laser hair removal tools you can buy and use yourself at home which is what I'm saving up for since one of those is about the same price as one treatment at a professional, even if it takes longer I'll have saved BIG $.

    (You really have to have fair skin with dark hair for either treatment to be very effective though.)

  2. I have had one session done on my legs, and I saw a big difference! I only need to shave once or twice a week. It isn't that painful, only by your ankles, and on your shins. At least that's where it hurt on me. If you want to see what it feels like before going in, it's like taking tweezers and plucking out your hair on your legs, but it's a lot faster than plucking them out with tweezers. If I had the money to have more sessions done, I would do it again and again to get all the hair gone on my legs and bikini area.

  3. I've had some facial hair done & Brazilian.

    Depending on the area, that's how painful it is.

    Legs are not painful.

    Face & private area are painful!!! And the closer you go toward the center, yow!!

    But I love, love, love it.

    If hair is growing due to hormones (like PCOS), the hair will grow back. Otherwise, it's pretty decent!

  4. @Anonymous
    Did you use that numbing cream before going in and it still hurt that bad?

  5. i'd go brazilian if i could afford it! one day, one day. :)

  6. In my area it's currently $289 for 6 sessions for a Brazilian using a Groupon (Originally $1,330 value)

  7. I had 6 treatments on my underarms and a few random strays. After all was said and done, mine didn't work. Apparently "my strays" had white follicles which can't be taken care of. Never did get an answer to why the underarms didn't work. They hurt pretty bad too...

  8. I'm currently on my 6th session of underarm and 5th on brazillian. I don't get any ingrown hairs on my bikini line anymore after I shave which is amazing and the hair under my arms is way softer and more sparse. I am loving it! If I end up having no more hair down there that is fine with me!

  9. I had the full 6 treatments Brazilian done several years ago. For a little while it seemed to have worked only in small spots. After treatment I was told my auburn hair color doesn't usually take to laser treatment. :( What a dream it would've been if it only worked! I have as much hair and have to shave as often as before.

  10. Did the bikini area---100% pleased, best decision I ever made, next to the man I married. I have dark dark hair so that helps. I did the underarms and the upper lip--not so pleased. I have to pay attention to those because hair grows there a little bit. MUCH less than before but still there. I took some ibuprofen before and they used some numbing cream and after the second visit it wasn't too bad. First visit was pretty painful.

  11. I am in the process of doing the Brazilian. The deal I purchased includes 12 treatments and I go every six weeks. Right now I am on treatment number 7 or 8. I am 100% satisfied. After the first few sessions, I did not notice much of a difference, but I was told that it is because your hair grows in different cycles.

    As of now I am soo happy. They will never get 100% of my hair because I am blond, and some of my hairs down south are blond as well. I knew this going into it so I am not disappointed.

    I am to the point now that I do not even have to shave because most of the hairs left over are blond or very light brown, and they are thin. The treatments took all the course and thick hair away so shaving is so much easier. You have to be close up to see the hair now.

    This has been great for me because I have super sensitive skin! I was getting razor burn all the time. It was embarrassing going swimming with little red bumps in between my legs!

    Now since I have hardly any hair and the hair leftover is thin, I can "forget" to shave and you can't even see anything. But if I do decide to shave, it is quick and easy, and I don't get razor burn! Wahoo!

  12. My wife and I both went in back in 2005 for the full brazilian. It is amazing. I would never go back. I am in my 30's and I have been shaving since I was 18. I love it and now I only have to shave once a month or so. My hair was fairly blonde too, so it didn't work quite as well on me as it did on my wife. Best money I ever spent tho, IMHO. I would recommend it to anyone. I am a baby when it comes to pain too, and I didn't feel hardly anything.

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