Valentine's Giveaway -- Tiani

I'm so very excited for this giveaway hosted by Babeland!

Tiani by Lelo brings vibrators to a whole new level! Valued at $159, this wonderful vibrator hugs the clitoris while also getting the G-spot giving you the Wowowow effect! You will love the joy (and orgasms) this smooth little toy brings to your sex life. It's great to use as a couple because you can leave it in place during penetration! It has a wireless remote that mimics the speed and vibration.

Check out what Babeland has to say about it:

"Welcome to a very exciting new world of couples' vibration, courtesy of the Tiani from Lelo. Tiani's smooth, U-shaped form slides easily into place, hugging the clit and G-spot in a cuff of remote-controlled vibrating pleasure; leave it comfortably in place during penetration to add rechargeable, waterproof, hands-free vibration to any sexual adventure! The bonus here is a new technology known as SenseMotion: you can change Tiani's vibration pattern and strength with a mere flick or tilt of your wrist, and you'll feel the vibrations in the remote control, too. (Or set it to manual mode, and it works just like any other remote control vibrator, with a range of up to 39 feet.) Couples' vibrators keep getting better and better, and Tiani is leading the pack. Variable speed; six vibration patternsThis product has a one-year warranty against breakage or defects."

This would be great to spice up your Valentine's Day!

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